Causes and Remedies

jThis article will not be a complex one due to the mass ignorance and fear associated with this subject and fatal pathology. Americans are already frightened to death about cancer and their gross ignorance only compounds the problem, plus, a lot has already been written on this subject, but in many writings, the content is a bit complex terminology-wise and served no beneficial purpose for the masses of the American people.

What Is Cancer?

Many people are succumbing to cancer and the two biggest factors in this succumbing to cancer are FEAR and IGNORANCE. Yes, people are ignorant to what cancer really is and as a result, they fear it.

In 400 B.C., Hippocrates assigned the name of Cancer or crab to a disease encountered during this era, because of its crab-like spread throughout the body. Cancer’s Greek name was “Karkinos.” In 164 A.D., Galen of Rome called the disease “tumor” which derived from the word “tymbos” meaning a sepulchral mound. In Latin, it was called “tumore” which meant “to swell.”

Speaking in my most basic terms to really help the masses understand this pathology, cancer is an anaerobic condition which basically means cancer is the final result or stage of a low oxygen and very acidic state of existence. In a nutshell, this is what cancer is physiologically-speaking.

When someone has cancer, oxygen levels in the body are very low. The body’s alkalinity is also very low. When there’s low oxygen and alkalinity, the body’s cells become abnormal. The cells of the body communicate with each other passing along vital information. Oxygen feeds the cells and allows for proper communication. But when there’s lack of oxygen, a great lack of oxygen, this communication becomes thwarted and the cells start acting abnormally. This is why you hear many health specialists and experts say cancer is “abnormal cells” or “abnormal cell activity.” This is true! Many doctors erroneously say cancer is a proliferation of dead cells, which is not true. If the cells were dead there would be no action. Cancer does denote abnormal cell activity and this abnormal cell activity is due to lack of oxygen and low alkaline level which means excessive acid level or acidosis.

This is what cancer is! And cancer is the second biggest killer of Americans (right behind heart disease) and Western medical experts predict that in the new millennium, one out of every two Americans will ultimately die of cancer. And this is true if we don’t change our ways and our lives.

Americans generally don’t have hearts (heart disease) and they are eating up on the inside (cancer).

Cancer patients/suffers begin to get thin and this is caused by an internal “eating up” process where certain cells start attacking other cells. Now while an “eating up” is taking place in the body, a neoplasm characterized by the uncontrolled growth of anaplastic cells invade surrounding tissue which metastasizes.

Neoplasm simply means “any abnormal growth of new tissue, benign or malignant.” In other words, neoplasm means “tumor” which explains why cancer patients/sufferers become beleaguered with tumors inside of the body and outside of the body.

Anaplastic refers to “anaplasia” which means “a change in the structure of cells and in their orientation to each other characterized by a loss of differentiation and reversion to a more primitive form.” Anaplasia is characteristic of malignancy.

Tumors exist in two states: benign and malignant. Benign means “not fatal or pernicious.” Malignant means “highly injurious, pernicious or fatal.”

Cancer is usually the cause of malignant tumors. In cases of benign tumors that are common in cases of fibroids and breast tumors, fluidic waste is usually the cause.

In cancerous individuals, white blood cells are numerous. The white blood cells begin to outnumber the red blood cells. White blood cells always denote toxicity, imbalance, poison, and foreign invasion of that which is unnatural or that which should not be in the body. Excessive white blood cell count is almost always indicative of cancer.

White blood cells have precursors known as “leukocytes,” also called “leukocyte precursors.” When bone marrow in the body is replaced with these leukocyte precursors in addition to abnormal numbers and forms of immature white blood cells in circulation that infiltrate the lymph nodes, spleen, liver and other filtering organs, the result is a form of cancer called “leukemia.”

Leukemia was initially a cancer indicative of Caucasians in general and Caucasian children in particular. In my earlier teen days I used to always wonder why it was predominantly white children who perished from leukemia. I didn’t understand why this form of cancer only seemed to occur in white people, especially white children.

But when I performed my own research and discovered that leukemia was a cancer found in 30% of dairy cows, it then made all the sense in the world to me why so many white children where dying of this cancer. The leukemia was coming from the cows via their milk and who drank the most milk? – White people and white children in particular. They were drinking milk at home, at school, at restaurants, etc. In fact, other cultures picked up the habit of drinking cow’s milk from Europeans (Caucasians).

A good movie starring Nick Nolte and Julia Roberts came out in 1994 entitled “I Love Trouble” and in this film, its climax showcases and exposes a sinister plot involving milk production from cancerous cows and its relation to leukemia. Movies, though illusions, contain a lot of reality when you know what to look for. I’m a serious movie-goer and watcher/screener simply because I’m a researcher and the Rulers (of the Matrix) hide a lot of information in the movies and like they say, the best place to hide something is before the eyes. This is so true!

However, since the 1990s leukemia rates have risen sharply amongst African-Americans and it’s easy to understand why. All you have to do is look at the high dairy consumption of African-Americans who are lactose-intolerant bio-genetically or by nature. But because they are unwisely following the Western/European-based high dairy diet of Caucasians, they too are now dropping like flies from leukemia.

I was shocked to learn that my South-Central Los Angeles neighborhood friend, Lucius Harris (of the NBA’s New Jersey Nets), older brother named Dino, died of leukemia a few years ago. Dino was a cool dude. It was so strange and foreign to hear of a brother/Black male from the hood dying of leukemia. You always saw Dino back in the day (early 1980s) rollin’ down the street in a sharp low rider bumping his sounds (playing his music) flossing with his cool afro. But this brother fell prey to a form of cancer that was foreign to African-Americans, at least 15-20 years ago.

So yes, leukemia rates are rising amongst African-Americans due to their consumption of dairy cow products such as ice cream, butter, cheese, sour cream, etc.

I have been warning African-Americans, especially Black females/women, for a long time now to leave dairy products alone because dairy is the greatest causative factor in many of the female pathologies such as uterine fibroid tumors that they suffer from. I tell them that dairy is “cow snot” and “cow poop” and have the videos in my collection to prove it.

Even though white people have customarily been consuming dairy products (mainly milk) for a long time, I also tell them it’s no good for their bodies either. They may have a greater tolerance for milk and dairy products than other races and cultures, but it still negatively affects them too.

Milk does not do a body good (unless you’re a baby cow [calf]). Got milk? If you do, you got nothing but PUS (MUCUS)! Almond Breeze, Rice Dream, coconut, soy and oat-based milks are better choices and alternatives for milk, at least for human consumption.

And beware people! Don’t fall for the latest scheme that milk helps in weight loss. The dairy industry is playing on American women’s emotions in the area of obesity and excess weight. If milk helps in weight loss, then why are cows so damn big? The milk should neutralize the growth hormones that are given to cows and prevent them from being so weighty.

The Dangers of Chemotherapy and Radiation

Western medicine’s approach to treating cancer is the cut, slash and burn technique which is insane and diabolical to me. You have to be out of your damn mind to take or undergo chemotherapy

Chemotherapy is chemical therapy, but what kind of chemicals? Can you say PETROLEUM? That’s right! Chemotherapy is nothing but rock fuel (petroleum) that comes straight from the Rockefeller pharmaceutical drug cartel. The Rockefellers owns the 15 largest pharmaceutical companies in the world in addition to the American medical industry and cartel. Is it any wonder that the Rockefellers use petroleum drugs in their medical industry and cartel that they also own, considering that they also own and dominate the petroleum industry?

There is also a big connection between the automotive industry and cancer. The temple of the modern method of cancer treatment in the corporate United States is the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Institute in New York where young actress Michelle Thomas (of Family Matters sitcom) was murdered, oops, I mean “died.”

Alfred P. Sloan was president of General Motors Corporation for a number of years. Charles Kettering created the auto ignition, lights, starters and other electrical systems. Now why would individuals such as the Rockefellers, Sloan and Kettering be involved in the medical industry in general and cancer therapy (chemotherapy) in particular? Can you say BIG BUSINESS?

Oh yes, cancer is big business in the United States. The American Cancer Society, launched by the father of advertising, Albert Lasker, brings in hundreds of millions of dollars per year and has been doing so for many years and still they have no cure for cancer in Western/allopathic medicine. In truth, they are not even looking for one because the money is made in keeping people sick, performing surgery, and saturating cancer victims/patients with chemotherapy and radiation.

The Cancer industry knows the American people want a miracle pill that they can just pop into their mouth to knock cancer out (which will NEVER happen). The American people want this because a miracle pill would allow them to keep living lavishly and frivolously while eating their beloved degenerate, denatured and devalued Standard American Diet.

No pill will ever knock out (cure) any disease. A single pill didn’t cause the pathology. It was the thought process (mindset), diet and lifestyle (or death style) of the person that caused the pathology. And yes, consuming various or multiple pills (drugs) plays a role in the development of pathology. Disease is multidimensional and not one dimensional. Unfortunately for Western allopathic medicine, they treat disease in a one dimensional way.

Nearly one million people die from cancer in the United States every year. In all due honesty cancer patients/sufferers are not dying from cancer. They are in effect dying from the cancer treatments – chemotherapy and radiation and the belief that they are going to die (thanks to the unwise doctor telling the cancer patient this).

Folks, chemotherapy is POISON! If you give chemotherapy to a healthy person, the person will become sick. Now how can that which will make a healthy person sick be given to a sick person and expect to make them well? Where in the world is the logic in this?

The human body is NOT made up of chemotherapy (petroleum). Therefore, petroleum is a foreign substance in the body and will cause the body’s defense mechanism to kick in. But in cancerous persons, their bodies are already too weak to resist and fight the foreign substance.

Chemotherapy is so toxic, poisonous, and injurious that it makes the hair fall out. This alone should tell you something. You’re going to treat the cancer but one of the many side effects is that the hair on your head and face is going to fall off and out? This is outright insane and absurd, but yet in still hundreds of thousands of poor, frightened and ignorant individuals unwisely subject themselves to this insidious invasive process and to their great doom and demise.

The other widespread insidious technique used on cancer victims, oops, I mean “patients,” is RADIATION! Now you’ve really got to be out of your damn mind to undergo this treatment. Radiation has no place in the human body, at least not in the body of a healthy and sane person.

Radiation is based upon the toxic element “radium oxide,” a serious poison to the human body. Radiation treatment leads to radium neuritis and myalgia. Radiation is used under the illogical premise of killing the cancerous cells in the body, but how are you going to kill the cancerous cells of the body without harming and killing the good/beneficial cells of the body? Folks, radiation kills ALL cells in an indiscriminate way. This treatment and process literally burns and cooks your flesh and have you ever smelled cooked flesh of a living human being? It STINK something terrible, people! I know from first hand experience (with my beloved father who succumbed to lung cancer in 1994).

And for the males with prostate cancer, the insidious medical industry has a new technique that utilizes “radiation seeds” whereby doctors inject tiny radiation-like seeds in the male reproductive system including the testicles. The result is serious damage to the rectum.

Chemotherapy and radiation treatment is modern-day voluntary TORTURE, plain and simple!


You’d have to be seriously out of your mind to undergo surgery while suffering from cancer. Surgery opens the body up and exposes the insides of the body to oxygen which causes cancer cells to spread rapidly and out of control. This is a sure-way ticket to an early and premature death, and not to mention, a very painful death.

Yes, cancer victims/patients experience a pain out of this world. In fact, this pain is so bad, many cancer victims/patients beg for death. I witnessed this with my father back in 1994. He became a skeleton. I remember my Uncle Larry and my Cousin Dennis attempting to get my father out of his bed one day and the man screamed for them to put him down and just leave him alone. The pain in moving him was unbearable.

People, it is a pain out of this world! This is why many cancer victims/patients are given pain killer drugs which do absolutely no justice at all. For most, they just end up praying to God to quickly remove them from their misery.

My poor mother was also one of these individuals, succumbing to pancreatic cancer (the worst cancer you could ever have) in 1999. It was my mother’s death that served as the quintessential catalyst for me to finally get up and start promoting and selling my herbal concoctions to the public. It was fear that prevented my mother from taking herbs during her bout with cancer. She opted for the Western solution (torture) and paid dearly for it.

Allopathic doctors had my mother on all kinds of drugs, mostly painkillers. My little sister reported to me that my mother was throwing up so bad (from the chemotherapy and other drugs) that she was throwing up her bowels. I heard horror stories about my mother and her experience in the hospital with cancer. It was because of all that I heard from my siblings and family members that I consciously chose not to visit her in the hospital during her last and dying days. I didn’t want to remember my mother this way and in that condition like I had done with my father out of familial pressure. When it was time to view my mother’s body at her funeral, before the casket was opened, I got up and walked out of the church and stood outside just looking at the Compton, California neighborhood my mother grew up in. My poor mother was reduced to skin and bones due to cancer.

So as far as surgery is involved, if you have cancer and decide on surgery, all I can say is: Kiss Me Goodnight, because ultimately you’re finished, through, 86ed, terminated, done, etc.

Personally, I’d recommend the new and effective alternative cancer treatment, Poly MVP and hyperbaric oxygen therapy instead of surgery, chemotherapy and radiation.

An Overview of Lung Cancer

7General Information on Lung Cancer

Lung cancer, or carcinoma of the lung, is one of the most common forms of cancer today. It is one of the most frequent causes of cancer-related mortality in the United States today. In the United States, another form of cancer that is becoming increasingly common is breast cancer, which is the development of malignant tissue in the breast. Breast cancer is seen mostly in women, though this does not mean that men are immune to it. A small percentage of men too contract breast cancer. The numbers are small, 1 man with breast cancer against a 100 women with it, but its there. However, there is one major difference between breast cancer and lung cancer. One can see the symptoms of breast cancer at an early stage, while in the case of lung cancer, the symptoms are not detected early, primarily because they match the symptoms of other lesser ailments. In this article, we will discuss lung cancer.

A person is said to suffer from lung cancer when a growth of malignant cancer cells is detected in the lungs. Depending on the stage at which lung cancer is detected, it can be classified as being in the:

o Early stages

o Mid-stages

o Advanced stages

Today, there is a vast amount of information on lung cancer available. Patients or relatives of patients can access information over the Internet, which has an almost limitless number of websites dedicated to different aspects of lung cancer – types, causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, etc. For example, if you are from the United Kingdom and want to research information on lung cancer treatment, facilities, etc in your country, you can simply log onto the website of Cancer Research UK, UK’s leading cancer charity, and collect whatever information you want from their site.

Earlier on, treatment of lung cancer was not an easy thing to do, owing to the huge amount of expenses in the form of medical bills, hospital stays fees, etc. However, nowadays with the availability of insurance, things have become easier. Lung cancer insurance is available easily, as is insurance covering other forms of cancer.

Types of Lung Cancer

Two main types of lung cancer exist today. Both of these are seen in the epithelial cells of the lungs. They are:

o Small cell lung cancer (SLCC)

o Non-small cell lung cancer

There is another type, called mixed small cell/large cell lung cancer. In this type you can find both kinds of cells in the cancerous tissue.

Besides these two types, there is another form of cancer of the lung area, called mesothelioma or mesothelioma cancer or cancer of the mesothelium. However, this is not considered a primary form of lung cancer, as its target area is not the lobes of the lung, but the pleural membrane covering the lung.

Small Cell Lung Cancer

This is the rarer of the two basic forms of lung cancer. One out of every five lung cancer patients suffer from small cell lung cancer.

Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer

Non-small cell lung cancer, or non-small lung cancer, is the more common of the two basic forms of lung cancer. Four out of five lung cancer patients suffer from this type of cancer.

Based on the cell type/area in which the carcinogenic cells proliferate in the lungs, non-small cell lung cancer is further categorized into three types. They are:

o Squamous cell carcinoma

o Adenocarcinoma

o Large Cell Carcinoma

o Bronchioalveolar Carcinoma (BAC)

Squamous Cell Carcinoma

This is the most common type of lung cancer. It occurs in the cells lining the airways inside the lungs. This form of cancer occurs mostly due to nicotine ingestion through smoking.


This form of cancer is seen in the mucus cells within the airways in the lung.

Large Cell Carcinoma

This is also called undifferentiated lung cancer. In large cell carcinoma, the proliferating cells are round and much larger than the cells seen in adenocarcinoma or squamous cell carcinoma.

Bronchioalveolar Carcinoma (BAC)

This form of cancer is seen in the bronchioalveolar region of the lung.

What Causes Lung Cancer?

The main cause of lung cancer is exposure to tobacco. This is primarily through smoking. About 80% of lung cancer patients are smokers. Smokers may be cigarette smokers, cigar smokers, or pipe smokers; it doesn’t matter. The risk of contracting lung cancer is equal in all the three cases.

A person may inhale smoke directly. A person can also inhale smoke passively or involuntarily. This smoke is also called secondhand smoke. Secondhand smoke is of two types:

o Mainstream – This is the smoke exhaled by the smoker, and amounts to more than 50% of all secondhand smoke.

o Sidestream – This is the smoke emanating from the burning end of a cigarette/cigar/pipe/hookah.

Passive smokers too stand a high chance of contracting lung cancer. The chances of passive/secondary smokers contracting lung cancer is 30% higher than people who do not inhale smoke either actively or passively.

However, there have been instances of even total non-smokers suffering from lung cancer. This indicates that smoking is not the only cause for lung cancer. It is the primary cause, yes, but not definitely the only cause. The following are some of the other causes of lung cancer:

o Air pollution

o Inhalation of asbestos fibers

o Exposure to radon, a radioactive substance formed by breaking down uranium

o Inhalation of marijuana fumes by smoking

o Exposure of the chest area to radiation therapy during cancer treatment

o Hereditary reasons

o Presence of arsenic in drinking water

o Diet with low fruit and vegetable content (this increases the risk of lung cancer in smokers)

A combination of exposure to tobacco along with any of these causes greatly increases the chances of a person contracting lung cancer.

Lung Cancer Symptoms

The following are some of the common symptoms of lung cancer. They do not usually manifest in the early stages. Even if they do, they are usually mistaken for some other ailment. These symptoms are:

o Persistent coughing

o Reddish or muddy brown spit

o Loss of breath

o Loss of appetite

o Persistent or repetitive infections of the bronchial tract

o Hoarseness of voice

o Renewed wheezing

In its later advanced stages, when the lung cancer is said to be in metastasis, the symptoms are:

o Numbness in the arms or legs

o A jaundiced appearance

o Tumorous growths near the skin surface

o Seizures

o Bone pain

o Dizziness

Lung Cancer Detection and Diagnosis

It is very rare to be able to detect lung cancer in its early stages. There are no specific symptoms of early stages of lung cancer. This is one of the reasons why lung cancer is usually detected in its later stages.

The use of a proper screening technique would greatly increase the chances of early lung cancer detection. However, there is no such proper and totally effective screening technique yet. Research is on to see if one can be formulated soon. As of now, a new technique called spiral CT seems to be the best option for early detection.

Once lung cancer is detected, the next step is to determine the stage it is in. This is done using the AJCC system. Roman numerals are used to mark the different stages of lung cancer, numerals from 0 to IV. Sometimes the stages are further divided into substages, using denotations A and B. The general rule of thumb is that the lower the denomination, the less serious the condition.

Lung Cancer Treatment

Lung cancer treatment options are usually the same as prostate cancer treatment options or colon cancer treatment options. What I mean is that all forms of cancer have the same treatment options. However, lung cancer tests may be different from colon cancer tests. The standard treatment options for lung cancer are:

o Surgery

o Radiation Therapy

o Chemotherapy

What matters is the combination of methods being used. The more serious the cancer, the more chances that different treatment options will be used in tandem, or one after the other.