Antioxidants, Acids, Alkali and Cancer

bIn my previous articles on cancer, I did not discuss the role of acids, bases and antioxidants in detail. But with the current hype about the miraculous nature of basic water, antioxidant foods and drugs, I feel compelled to step in and set the records straight with currently available medical literature.

The efficacy of acids, bases and antioxidants in cancer therapy is not a myth. It has biochemical basis informed by modern research (SS Kim et al, 2004; Ian F. Robey & Lance A. Nesbit, 2013). The apparent controversy surrounding this subject emanates from poor coordination of research findings.

I have read articles (Bradley A. Web et al, 2011; Shi Q. et al, 2001; Silver M. et al, PubMed 2011) supporting systemic alkalosis or systemic hyperacidosis as the dominant toxic factor in cancer development. I have also watched video presentations claiming that cancer development is just a natural cellular adaptation to toxic environment, which is corrected by normalizing the environment.

These claims are to say the least, unbalanced truths. By the end of this discussion it would have become obvious that there is no basis for undue generalizations in the management of cancer. There still remains the need for expert judgement in formulating a cancer treatment protocol.


First, let me state that the human body will literally rust away like a nail left under the rain over time without inbuilt natural protective mechanisms. To prevent rust or oxidation, most macromolecules essential for human existence are shielded from molecular oxygen or oxygen equivalents with hydrogen molecules (reduction). Oxygen equivalents are those compounds that remove these protective hydrogen molecules from other compounds.

They are also called oxidizing agents. Compounds that restore these hydrogen molecules are called reducing agents. The two most important organic reducing agents in human body are glutathione and ubiquinone, while the two most important oxidizing agents are molecular oxygen and free oxygen radicals.


The human body cells are normally continuously moving from resting phase, to growth phase and then multiplication phase. This continuous state of growth and multiplication means that any organ can potentially grow to any size, depending on its natural growth rate. By inference all human beings may also grow into giants. It even suggests immortality of human beings.

Thankfully, every cell has an inbuilt apoptotic clock that ensures that it dies after a specified number of days, making room for incoming cells. Thus red blood cells, for instance, are recycled every 120 days. The size and shape of the cells of individual organs are equally limited prior to their date of apoptosis, by growth suppressor genes (notably p53, AP1, NF-kB) located in the nucleus.

Anything that hinders the functions of apoptosis and growth suppressor genes would obviously be expected to unleash uncontrolled growth and multiplication of cells in any organ of the body. This rapid growth of disorganized and poorly differentiated cells is called cancer.

All anti-growth suppression and anti-apoptosis agents are called carcinogens. They may be chemicals, radiations, biochemical molecules, acids, bases, free radicals, heat, cold, etc. But they all exert their effect by in activating apoptosis gene or growth suppressor gene. They accomplish this by corrupting the gene coding system in such a way that the codes are wrong (missense) or mean nothing (nonsense).

The code is corrupted due to the insertion of the wrong amino acid code into a gene sequence or the excision of the right amino acid code from the sequence. Consequently the t-RNA misreads or miss-senses the expression of the right apoptosis or growth suppressor protein.


Toxins are basically those compounds whose activities will directly or indirectly lead to human rust and death by causing catabolic or destructive oxidative reactions in body tissues. The high powered toxic tissue oxidizing agents are called free radicals (ROS and RNS), which are basically free ionized oxygen or Nitrogen atoms (O2- and N2- )

When a toxin causes a gene altering damage in the nuclear region of a cell (oxidative nuclear damage) it is then known as a carcinogen. As such not all toxins are carcinogen. Aflatoxin (from mold) is not only toxic to liver cells, but ultimately causes liver cancer, making it a carcinogen.

The detoxification process mainly converts lipid soluble toxins into excretable water soluble glucuronides in three steps. In step one the toxins are aggregated and isolated in the specific organs that neutralize them.

Then glucuronic acid is attached to them in the presence of glutathione which the protective hydrogen molecules. (Note that in fighting oxidants hydrogen (non-ionized) carried by reduced NADPH is a friend, while in acid-base balance ionized hydrogen is the enemy).

Free radicals can also contribute to cancer development by inducing genetic mutation through oxidative nuclear damage, or suppress cancer growth by promoting apoptosis. Step three is the excretion of the toxins.


Compounds use to replenish hydrogen molecules in glutathione and other endogenous reductase enzymes are called antioxidants. A lot of these reducing agents occur naturally in fruits and vegetables. Others are available as drug extracts from plants and animals.

Individual antioxidants target different steps of the detox process. This is why balanced nutrition by itself goes a long way to keep our bodies toxin free. The air we breathe, the food we eat, the water we drink, and the environments we live in are all full of toxins, including heavy metals. To survive as human beings, an extensive detoxification mechanism has to exist.

Every body tissue has detox ability, but the liver, gut, and lymphoid tissues and kidneys play the dominant role. Thus most toxins are trapped, neutralized and excreted through feces, urine or bile. Stagnation or obstruction of flow in any of these three organs, generally leads to a toxic state.

Stressors and nutritional insufficiencies that weaken the immune system also contribute to toxic states allowing micro-organisms to multiply and generate additional toxic substances that must be removed.

Successful detoxification requires a lot of energy, which comes from glucose metabolism. Biochemical energy is not measured in Joules, but in ATPs (Adenosine Triphosphate). The metabolic process for converting glucose to ATP is called glycolsis.

During aerobic glycolysis one molecule of glucose combines with two molecules of ADP3- (Adenosine Diphosphate) and two ionic phosphoric acid molecules to yield two ionic ATP4- molecules and two lactate molecules. The ionic ATP4- molecule gives up one Hydrogen proton (H+) to yield one molecule of ionic ADP3-, which is reused in glycolysis.

Under anaerobic (low oxygen) conditions, ATP is generated differently. One molecule, each, of ADP3- and ionic phosphoric acid accumulated from aerobic glycolysis recombine without glucose to form one molecule of ATP4+ and one hydroxyl molecule. Two hydrogen protons combine with two bicarbonates to end up as carbonic acid inside body cells.


Glycolsis can be aerobic when it consumes molecular oxygen, or anaerobic when it consumes oxidizing agents. Both the detox reactions and glycolsis are driven or catalyzed by enzymes, which depend on the availability of specific micro-molecules, proteins, amino acids and vitamins as cofactors for their functions.

By the time enough ATP is generated to keep the body toxin safe, enough carbonic acid hydration of respiratory carbon dioxide (CO2) has accumulated to keep the inside of every cell perpetually acidic. In a highly toxic state, which includes rapid proliferation of cells, this intracellular acid builds up exponentially beyond survivable limits.

Cancer cells are known to rapidly outgrow their blood supplies and go into severe hypoxic states. This is why the cancer cell nucleus has to rapidly increase the expression of sodium driven proton extruding proteins and enzyme proteins through nuclear sensing of sharp rise in HIF.

Thus, by default, the Intracellular fluid (ECF) of every cell is acidic (low pH) while that of the extracellular fluid (ECF) is alkaline (high pH). It is important to note at this point that while intracellular fluids exist in compartments inside the cells, extracellular fluids coalesce to form a pool in which all body cells submerged.

This ECF pool is represented by intercellular fluid, lymph, blood, and glandular secretions, all of which feed into the circulatory system of the body. ECF acid or base build up in any part of the body is ultimately dissipated into the circulatory system, which centrally maintains a mildly basic pH of 7.20 -7.40.

In addition to mobilizing ammonium and bicarbonate ions the central buffer system has the ability to move chloride ions in and out cells (chloride shift) to maintain acid-base balance.


To keep intracellular acidity below lethal level, the inner surface of the cell membrane has acid sensors and transporters that detect abnormal rise in intracellular acidity and trigger increased extrusion of hydrogen and retention of alkaline bicarbonate ions.

This trigger is mediated by the rise in the blood level of hypoxia induced factors (HIF) and probably acidosis induced factors (AIF). On detecting this rise in HIF, the nucleus temporarily increases the expression of Na-driven proton transport proteins and histidine rich basic proteins.

The ammonium radicals on the amino acids of these basic proteins (especially histidine) serve as physiologic buffers for organic acids.

“Protonation and de-protonation has been experimentally shown to change protein structure and thus, alter protein-protein binding affinity, change protein stability, modify protein function, and alter subcellular localization (Schonichen et al., 2013b).

Evolutionarily, histidines must confer some selective advantage for cancers, as 15% of the 2000 identified somatic mutations in cancer involve histidine substitutions, with Arg-to-His being the most frequent (Kan et al., 2010)”.

The nucleus also temporarily steps up the expression of important enzyme proteins that catalyze the buffer reactions, namely mono-carboxylate, carbonic anhydrase, and aminotransferase enzymes.

In a similar manner the external surface of the cell also has alkaline sensors made up of G-protein coupled surface receptors, which also communicate with the nucleus to increase or decrease the expression of relevant proteins and enzymes. As tissue hypoxia decreases, the level of HIF decreases along with nuclear expression of proton extrusion proteins and enzymes.

Failure of this return to normalcy has been observed as one of the hallmarks of early cancer. What started out as a normal adaptive change becomes persistent because of irreversible genetic modifications that triggered it.


The central physiological buffer system has a maximum capacity to neutralize up to 30 micromoles of acid/gram tissue/min in systemic acidosis or 5-10 micromoles of base in alkalosis.

Beyond these levels, normal body cells are unable to continue their buffer functions because the enzymes are deactivated. At this point there is a reversal of the normal acid-base distribution on either side of the cell membrane, which is lethal to normal issues. In some critical situations, chloride ions are shifted massively into all body cells (chloride shift) to urgently dilute the extracellular acidity.

But the gastric cells have the natural ability to survive in the presence of high extracellular acidity (HCl at pH of 6.6). How they manage this high extracellular acidity then becomes very important in understanding how cancer cells survive high extracellular acidity with normal intracellular acidity for their survival and proliferation. Some cancer cells are known to have accumulated genetic adaptations that enable them to survive extreme pH conditions (carbonic acid at pH of 6.6).

Gastric cells are shielded from concentrated HCl secreted into the stomach mainly by structural barriers (thick basement membrane, thick mucosal layer and thick mucous layer). There are no natural inhibitors of hydrogen potassium ATPase enzyme that catalyzes the final phase of acid excretion.

In severe cases of Peptic Ulcer Disease (PUD), Gastro-esophageal reflux (GERD), or Zollinger-Ellison Syndrome, when this natural barrier is ulcerated by concentrated HCl, some gastric lining cells undergo goblet intestinal metaplasia (transformation into ectopic intestinal epithelium in the stomach) to secrete neutralizing alkaline fluids into the stomach.

While there is no natural attempt to control the hydrogen potassium ATPase enzymes, pharmacological intervention with proton pump inhibitors (PPIs) like omeprazole has been successful in reducing gastric secretion in severe cases of chronic gastric hyperacidity.

Similarly some esophageal epithelial cells undergo gastric metaplasia to become gastric cells in the face of chronic exposure to reflux gastric acid (Barrett’s Esophagus). Acquisition of this missing ability to control hydrogen potassium ATPase and sodium driven proton extrusion by monocarboxylate enzyme appear to be critical to the survival of cancer cells


It is important to note that the natural response to extracellular hyperacidity in the GIT depends on the stage and localization of the acidity. Both goblet metaplasia and gastric metaplasia have been recognized as precancerous lesions (carcinoma in situs). At the early stage of Barret esophagus, the response is only structural to prevent cell wall damage.

But when the barrier has failed in the stomach, the response is alkaline secretion. A person on preventive alkaline water will be helping to neutralize the added hypoxic acidity of early cancer in Barret’s Esophagus and chronic PUD, but not in any way preventing the occurrence of cancer itself, since proton extrusion in cancer is irreversible.

Any cancer caught at the in situ stage is usually best treated with surgical excision and radiotherapy, rather than alkaline water.The question then is: “Why did prophylactic alkaline water not prevent the metaplasia?”

The answer to that is that while oral alkali intake may cap out at micromoles of alkali per gram tissue, cancer proton extrusion acid build up ranges in nanomoles per gram tissue (a thousand times more). Also intracellular hypoxia and hyperacidity are not the only risk factors for cancer.

Radiations are known to be commonly responsible for skin cancers, even as HPV is known to be responsible for cervical cancer. Prophylactic alkalosis has not been reported to prevent any of them. Sticking to the hype that alkaline water is the best way to prevent and even cure cancer, puts people at risk of missing early opportunities to truly cure cancer.

Alkaline water intake will help the body maximize the physiological adaptive response acidosis. Unfortunately, even at maximum physiological capacity, extracellular buffers are no match for cancer intracellular proton extruders.

As the well adapted cancer cells grow and multiply freely their neighboring non-cancerous cells are rapidly destroyed by ECF hyperacidity creating more space for them to occupy. Thus cancer invasiveness has been shown to correlate with the degree of acid-base reversal across the cancer cell membrane.

At the advanced stage of cancer with ECF acidity readings in nanomols compared to orally boosted alkalinity readings in micromoles, buffer therapy has been shown to be resisted by cancer cells. One such reported example is the inefficacy of a basic drug doxorubicin used in the treatment of Leukemias and lymphomas.

Going by what has been discussed so far, it is obvious that externally sourced acids and alkali cannot be safely loaded to outweigh tumor generated levels in ECF and ICF. It is also understandable that no single pH balancing agent, can be used to treat both acid sensing and alkaline sensing cancers.

Preventive or prophylactic intake of acidic or alkaline liquids or foods remain relevant only within the physiological buffering range, when adaptive changes are still reversible. Unfortunately at that point the tumor generated acidity would have risen to resistant levels. Preventive alkaline water intake in a person with undiagnosed acid sensing cancer is not likely to retard the growth of the tumor.

Similarly preventive intake of alkaline water in a patient with undiagnosed alkaline sensing cancer will encourage it to grow and establish faster. Patients receiving treatment for emesis gravid arum (vomiting in pregnancy) for instance, cannot be on preventive alkaline regimens in the face of systemic alkalosis from heavy loss of gastric acid through vomiting.

However, it is possible that some people are unable to fully optimize the natural buffer system, due to genetic predisposition or problems related to amino acid metabolism. In such situations, preventive acid or base intake supplements the patients effort to achieve maximum physiological buffering. This can easily account for some of the spectacular results observed in some patients whose cancers were caught early.

In conclusion, the management of cancer remains complicated. When there is a strong family history or occupational predisposition for cancer, cancer screening needs to be done early to search for risk factors and genetic markers.

Where there are suggestions of cancer predisposition, full blood tests, scans, biopsies, endocrinological tests, and radiological test should be done by a primary care provider and reviewed by a team of experts in radiology, hematology, pathology, oncology surgical oncology, gastroenterology, and international medicine.

How I Beat 4 Cancers

xIn the summer of 2009, when I returned home after a haircut, I examined myself in the mirror and noticed a small, raised, dark brown lesion with indistinct borders on the final third of my right eyebrow. Having seen, diagnosed, biopsied, confirmed and surgically removed hundreds of cancerous lesions in my professional career, I knew that I was in big trouble.

My Dermatologist did a punch biopsy of the lesion which came back from the lab positive, as a Malignant Melanoma. At the same time, he biopsied several lesions on my back, and the results came back from the lab as positive for multiple Basal Cell carcinomas. He wanted to surgically remove these deadly lesions, irradiate the sites, and also prescribed several courses of chemotherapy. I said yes to the surgeries but no to the radiation and chemotherapy.

I then thought it prudent to get an overdue and complete physical exam from my General Physician. Along with a spike in my white blood cell count, which was understandable due to my bodies reaction to these insidious cancers, my PSA level had increased from 2.4 to 5.9 which indicated a problem with my prostate gland, as any reading above 4.0 is considered to be abnormal.

My Urologist thought that the increase in my PSA level and WBC’s might be due to an infection in my prostate gland, and prescribed a 5 day course of antibiotics, followed a week later by another PSA test. The second PSA test, instead of showing a decreased level of prostaglandin, showed an increased level from 5.9 to 6.6.

I scheduled a prostate biopsy which revealed that I had cancer in 25-30% of the gland. My Urologist wanted to remove my prostate gland, irradiate the area and prescribed several rounds of chemotherapy. He also recommended a full body nuclear scan to check for the possible spread of cancer to my bones and other organs.

In the interim, I had 3 surgeries to remove the Malignant Melanoma from my eyebrow and the Basal Cell carcinomas from my back.

I had a full body scan (NMR) which revealed a lesion, the size of a walnut, in my left femur, suspected to be a sarcoma.

My Oncologist confirmed the diagnosis and wanted to remove two inches of my femur, do a free rib graft to replace the lost bone, strap the bone graft with titanium plates, then irradiate the area multiple times, followed by several courses of chemotherapy.

I felt that I had won the cancer lottery. Four different types of deadly cancers at once. What was I to do?

It was late November, 2009, and I am being urged by 4 different doctors to undergo the traditional western medical treatments of “cut, burn and poison” therapy. So I took a poll of all of my physicians by asking them all the same question: “If you were in my situation, what would you do”?

My GP stated that he would have the surgeries, but not the radiation or chemotherapy. My Dermatologist said that he would not have the radiation or chemotherapy. My Urologist stated that he would have his prostate gland removed, but not undergo the radiation or the chemotherapy. My Oncologist stated that he would have the surgery to remove the sarcoma. but not have the radiation or chemotherapy. What was going on here? Four medical professionals who routinely prescribed chemo and radiation therapy, but would not follow the same protocols if they had the same cancers that I had. What hypocrites!

I still had many contacts in the medical field and reached out for multiple consultations concerning my predicament, and started researching alternative, non-traditional treatments for cancer. I found a study that had polled 1200 Oncologists on whether they would follow the standard protocol of radiation and chemotherapy if they were diagnosed with certain types of cancer. Depending on the type of cancer, between 85-91% of the Oncologist said NO, that they, themselves would not use chemotherapy or radiation to treat their own cancers. WHY? Radiation causes cancer, and all of the chemotherapy drugs are carcinogenic, they cause cancer! Just read the warnings on labels of the chemo drugs: WARNING: POISON; KNOWN TO CAUSE CANCER IN HUMAN BEINGS. The cure is worse than the disease!

Then. in church, I had an epiphany. I knew that if I was to survive these cancers that I would have to cure myself using non-traditional, alternative therapies.

I learned basic facts about cancer cells. These are cells that simply refuse to die and keep proliferating, unchecked by the body, to form masses and lesions that negatively effect vital tissues and organs. Normal cells die within 3-4 days and are eliminated by the body through the lymphatic system, the skin, the intestines, the liver and the kidneys. Cancer is a disease caused by the immune systems’ inability to shut off and kill these aberrant cells and eliminate them from the body.

I learned that cancer cells feed on glucose which is formed from the ingestion of refined sugars and carbohydrates, and drinking sodas and sweetened fruit juices. Without a supply of glucose, cancer cells have no food source and will eventually die, allowing the immune system to treat them like normal dead cells and eliminate them from the body.

Cancer cells thrive in an acidic environment caused by stress, acidic foods and drinks, dehydration, and environmental polutants and toxins. Remove the acids from the body and you will present a negative environment for the formation, growth and proliferation of cancer cells.

Cancer cells love a low level of oxygen in the body. The less oxygen present, the faster that they can proliferate. Oxygenate the body and you will present a negative environment for the growth of cancer cells.

Cancer cells are heat sensitive. Find a way to increase the internal core temperature of the body and you will kill cancer cells.

I spoke to dozens of people in the USA, Canada, the European Union, India and Australia including physicians, oncologists, holistic healers, shamans and especially to cancer survivors; if they had information on curing cancer, I wanted it.

The most helpful scientific information that I compiled was from a plethora of professionals who have dedicated their lives to curing cancer and disseminating useful information on non-traditional treatment protocols. Most have published books and papers on the subject and have informative websites. They were all extremely experienced, helpful, understanding and were willing to share their knowledge with me.

Even more helpful was the information that I received from cancer survivors, people like myself who either by trial and error, or by scientific research had strived and succeeded in curing themselves of various types of cancer. They were all were willing to share their experiences and treatment protocols, provided valued information, positive feedback, and gave me the courage and hope that I too could cure my own cancers by utilizing non-traditional methods.

I had completed my research and had a basic plan:

  • Detoxification of the body by eliminating all known toxins, poisons and contaminants.
  • Adjustment of the bodies pH from acidic to alkaline.
  • Oxygenation of the body.
  • Fortification of the immune system by changes in diet, exercise and the addition of vitamins, minerals and natural supplements to the body.
  • Radical changes in ones emotional state and a spiritual state.

Our bodies get bombarded with pollutants, toxins and contaminants every day, both from the environment and those that we ingest: harmful foods and contaminated water; the use of cell phones and other electronic devices; environmental radiation; electronic radiation; electronic noise; traffic noise; airplane noise; heavy metals; etcetra and ad nauseum.

We drink and bathe in tap water that is an unoxygenated chemical soup, full of toxins, contaminants, heavy metals and chemicals like fluoride, chlorine, bromine, mercury and lye.

Some of us are being poisoned by amalgam fillings in our teeth that constantly leech mercury into our bodies where it accumulates in our fat cells and brains. Some of us have been exposed to lead from paint or old water pipes. Insecticides, fungicides, estrogen and synthetic hormones are rampant in our food supply. Most pellagic fish such as swordfish, tuna and sharks are full of heavy metals. You would be surprised at how many people are infected by yeasts, fungi, bacterias and parasites, and are not aware of these infections.

We must do everything in our power to remove pollutants, toxins and contaminants from our environment.

  • Install a home water filtration system. Stop drinking the dead, chemical soup that comes from your taps.
  • When you use your cell phone, put it on speaker mode and hold it away from your head when you are communicating.
  • Have amalgam filling removed from your teeth.
  • Wear earplugs if you are constantly inundated with noise pollution and try to avoid being present in excessively noisy environments.
  • Stop eating contaminated fish.
  • Eat only organically grown meats, poultry and vegetables.
  • Do not consume foods that contain GMO’s (genetically modified organisms).
  • Have yourself checked for systemic infections and parasites and cure the infections if need be.

If you live near a power plant, airport, expressway or any other constant source of excessive noise, move!

Once you have removed as many sources of pollution, toxins and contamination from your environment it is time to remove them from your body by completing a full body cleanse and detoxification. When you detoxify your body, start from the bottom and work up. Cleanse the bowels; the urinary tract; detoxify the liver; detoxify the gall bladder; detoxify the circulatory system

The bowel cleansing can be done at home using an enema bag. Take daily warm water enemas for 5 days followed with warm coffee enemas for 5 days. using the cleanest, flavor free coffee that is available.

Cleanse the urinary tract by drinking 12-16 ounces of 100% organic, unsweetened cranberry juice for 7 days. If you suffer from yeast or bacterial infection, anti-fungal or antibiotic therapy should be first administered.

For the liver, gall bladder and blood detoxification, the help of a professional is in order. An expert in holistic medicine or an expert in Chinese medicine and acupuncture is advised to help guide you through the therapy.

Once that you have removed the pollutants, contaminants and toxins from your environment and body, it is now time alkalize your body. Cancer cells thrive in an acidic environment. If the pH of your body is lower than 7.0 (neutral), your body is acidic and provides an environment that allows cancer cells to form, thrive and proliferate. The main causes of body acidity are:

  • Stress, anger, frustration and fear.
  • Most tap water and 99% of bottled waters are acidic.
  • All carbonated sodas.
  • All sports drinks and energy enhancing drink.
  • Beer and hard liquor.
  • Many foods are acidic. You can Google “acidic foods for a complete list.
  • Coffee.
  • Aspirin.
  • The consumption of most pharmaceutical drugs.

Our bodies are composed of about 75% water and our brains are composed of about 85% water. By increasing the pH of the water that we consume, we can rapidly alkalize our bodies. The easiest and most direct way to alkalize the body is to drink significant amounts of highly ionized, highly oxygenated, high pH alkaline water.

pH is a measure of the acidity and alkalinity of a solution that is expressed by a scale of 0 to 14; 0 being totally acidic; 7 being neutral and 14 being totally alkaline. The “p” represents “the power of”, and the “H” represents “the hydrogen ion concentration”. Each unit of change represents a tenfold change in acidity or alkalinity.

The optimum pH of the blood is said to be between 7.35 and 7.45. I, and other cancer survivors believe that if one can raise the pH level of the blood to 8.5, over a hundredfold increase of alkalinity, one will present a severely altered negative environment for the formation, growth and proliferation of cancer cells in that body.

How does one accomplish this seemingly difficult task? Simple: purchase a water ionization machine and drink only highly ionized, highly oxygenated, high pH alkaline water. There are many water ionization machines on the market today and all of them are significantly expensive, costing between $1,000 and $5,000 per unit. When you factor in the facts that the average family spends between $1,500 and $2,000 per year to on dead, acidic bottled water; that the cost of these machines is tax deductible as a medical expense and the alternative costs of traditional cancer treatments are astronomical, this initial cost is negligible.

After extensive research I determined that the ionization machines produced by “Enagic”, a Japanese company that has been producing water ionization machines for 40 years, are the best machines on the market. I purchased an “Enagic” Leveluk SD501 machine for about $3,600. The reasons that I chose this machine are: it contains 7 solid titanium electrolysis plates, plated in platinum; it comes with a 5 year warranty; it pre-filters the water to remove any contaminants and heavy metals that your home water filter may have missed; it produces 5 different types of water that have 9 different pH values; it “speaks” to you and has an automatic cleaning system.

I started by drinking 3 quarts of the 8.5 pH water daily and after 2 weeks switched to 9.0 pH water. After a month I was drinking a gallon of 9.5 pH water a day. You may think that drinking a gallon of water a day is excessive, but I wanted to alkalize my body as soon as possible and flush out as many toxins and contaminates from my body as quickly as possible. The water produced by this ionizer is micro-clustered and has a negative ionic charge, allowing it to work on the cellular level and attach itself ionically to positively charged free radicals and eliminate them from the body trough the kidneys, liver, skin and sweat glands.

Not only was I providing a negative environment for the formation, growth and proliferation of cancer cells in my body, but as an added bonus was protecting my body from harmful bacterias and viruses. Pathogenic (disease causing) anerobic bacteria and small viruses, that cause the majority of harmful infections, can not survive in an alkaline environment. Three healthy, positive effects for the price of one.

The second phase is oxygenation of the body. Oxygen equals life, and makes up about 65% of the bodies mass. It oxidizes and burns food to create energy and heat for our bodies. It also oxidizes and burns free radicals, that would otherwise would poison our cells, so that they can be eliminated from our bodies. A low oxygen level at the cellular level is the major underlying cause of all disease in the human body.

Oxygen deficiency causes an increase in stomach and general body acidity; invasive systemic bacterial, viral and parasitic infections; bronchial and circulatory problems; depression, fatigue and irritability; irrational behavior; memory loss; lowered immunity; body weakness; poor digestion and the formation of tumors. Low oxygen levels provide cancer cells a favorable environment that allows them to form, grow and proliferate

It is the red blood cells (RBC’s) that are responsible for delivering oxygen from the lungs to the bodies tissues and organs, and returning carbon dioxide back to the lungs for disposal by expiration. RBC’s are formed from stem cells in the red bone marrow which are transformed into cells called hemolytoblasts in a process that takes about two days to complete. The healthy body produces about 2,000,000 RBC’s every second.

The hematocrit is a measure of the percentage of RBC’s in our blood. In an adult male, the hematocrit level should measure between 40 and 50%, and in an adult female between 38 and 44%.

It is the hemoglobin (a protein molecule in the RBC’s) that carries the oxygen from the lungs and returns carbon dioxide to the lungs for disposal. In the average adult male, the hemoglobin level should be between 14 and 18 grams per deciliter, and in the average adult female, between 12 and 16.

With a decrease in either of these levels, hemoglobin or the hematocrit, the bodies tissues do not receive enough oxygen and are subject to the symptoms of oxygen deficiency as listed above. These low levels also damage the respiratory enzymes in newly formed cells so that these cells can not produce energy and therefore are not able to to utilize oxygen. These depleted cells are likely to turn cancerous.

By feeding the body and the brain with high levels of oxygen you can prolong life, increase cognitive functions, combat Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, Parkinson’s disease, and most importantly provide a negative environment for the formation, growth and proliferation of cancer cells.

If you are hydrating your body properly by drinking plenty of alkaline water from a proper ionization machine, you are insuring that your body is hydrated, properly oxygenated, and that your hemoglobin and hematocrit levels are within normal ranges.. The SD 501 machine that I purchased, during the ionization process, infuses the water with massive amounts of oxygen: between 700-750 times the amount of oxygen provided by tap or bottled water.

You can also increase the amount of available oxygen by purchasing a home air ionization machine (ozinator). Some cancer survivors swore that by drinking diluted hydrogen peroxide every day they were forcing more oxygen into their bodies. Others spent time in hyperbaric oxygen chambers several times per week. Still others had pure oxygen injected directly into their blood stream.

The third phase is fortifying the immune system.

The immune system is a system of biological structures and processes within your body that protects it against disease. The immune system must detect, neutralize and remove a wide variety of harmful substances known as pathogens, and be able to distinguish these pathogens from your own normal, healthy tissues. It is effected by a variety of factors such as: diet; sleep; exercise; stress; emotional states and genetics.

All immune cells come from precursor cells produced in the bone marrow. They differentiate and develop into mature cells through a series of changes that occur in different parts of the body:

    • The skin is the first line of defense against pathogens. Skin cells produce and secrete important antimicrobial proteins. Different immune cells are found in different layers of the skin.


    • The bone marrow contains stem cells that differentiate into a variety of innate cell types, including: neutrophils; eosinophils; basophils; mast cells; monocytes; dendritic cells and macrophages. These cells are the bodies first line responders against infection. Other adaptive immune cells, B and T cells, are responsible for mounting responses to specific microbes based on previous encounter (immunologic memory). Natural killer cells (NK cells) provide an immediate defense like innate cells but also may also act as adaptive cells. B, T and NK cells are also known as lymphocytes.


    • Immune cells constantly circulate through the bloodstream, patrolling for pathogens.


    • T cells mature in the thymus gland which produces all of your T cells by the time that you reach puberty.


    • The Lymphatic System is a network of vessels and tissues composed of lymph, an extracellular fluid, and lymphoid organs such as lymph nodes. It is a conduit for travel and communication between tissues and the bloodstream. Immune cells are carried through the lymphatic system and converge in the lymph nodes, found throughout the body. Lymph nodes are communication hubs where immune cells can sample information brought in from other parts of the body. If adaptive immune cells recognize pathogens from a distant area, they will activate, replicate, and leave the lymph node to circulate and address the pathogen where ever it may be in the body. This action may cause the lymph node to swell which indicates an active immune response.


    • The spleen is an organ located behind the stomach. While it is not directly connected to the lymphatic system, it is important for processing information from the bloodstream. Immune cells are enriched in specific areas of the spleen and upon recognizing blood- borne pathogens, they will activate and respond accordingly.


  • Mucosal Tissues and surfaces are primary entry points for pathogens. Specialised immune hubs are strategically located in mucosal tissues like the respiratory system and the gut. The small intestine, which is said to be responsible for 75% of the activity and efficiency of the immune system, contains both B and T lymphocytes which attack the pathogens through the bloodstream.

The key to fortifying your immune system is your diet; “we are what we eat”. As Hippocrates stated: “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”.

In radically changing my diet I had to identify acidic foods and either eliminate them completely or severely restrict them from my diet. Then I had to identify alkaline foods and consume them almost exclusively. My goal was to eat 80% alkaline foods and only 20% acidic foods. You can find complete lists of both alkyline and acidic foods on the internet. Purchasing only organic meats, fruits, vegetables and non-farmed fish was more expensive, but well worth it as there were far fewer pesticides, chemicals, colorants, hormones and polutants for my body to have to detoxify and eliminate. I learned to cook mainly without oils, but when using oils, used only extra virgin coconut oil for high heat cooking and extra virgin olive oil for low heat or raw applications. I also purchased a “Magic Bullet” food macerator for juicing and used it often to feed my body with raw, natural nutrients. I tried to eat at the same times every day and rarely ate out at restaurants. I used only “Himalayan Pink Salt”, very sparingly, as it is full of vital minerals. As I adapted to my new diet, extra pounds began to melt away and I felt great; full of energy and liking my new figure.

An important factor in fortifying your immune system is daily vitamin and mineral supplement therapy. The regimen that I followed was gleaned from my research and the shared experiences of cancer survivors.


  • Vitamin A – 900 mcg/day
  • Vitamin B complex – 125 mg/day
  • Vitamin B12 – 500 mcg/day
  • Vitamin B 17 – from bitter apricot seeds – up to 30 seeds/day
  • Vitamin C vith Bioflavenoids – 2,000 mg/day
  • Vitamin D – 200 iu/day
  • Vitamin D3 – 2,000 iu/day
  • Vitamin E – 400 iu/day
  • Omega 3 from fish oil – 2.000 mg/day


  • Multimineral Supplement – 1 tablet/day
  • Selenium – 200 mcg/day
  • Chromium – 300 mcg/day
  • Zinc – 10 mg/day
  • Boron – 15 mg/day
  • Potassium iodide 4% plus Iodine 2% solution – 4-6 drops/day

This seems like a tremendous number of pills to take daily, but I was fighting to save my life and was willing to do anything possible to achieve that goal.

Some general dietary guidelines: never eat any processed or canned foods; severely limit your consumption of dairy products; shop at “natures pharmacy” and consume the freshest, most organic, mostly alkaline diet as possible; eat the most raw and colorful plant based diet as possible; flavor your foods with spices like cayenne, tumeric, cumin, pink himalayan salt, black pepper and all of the fresh herbs that you desire.

Regular exercise: swimming, daily long walks, running, weight lifting, yoga and any other exercise that you desire is most helpful. Remember that by sweating you are eliminating toxins and contaminates from the body.

Curing cancer is all about achieving a balance, not only in your diet but in your emotional and spiritual life in general. In any endeavor ones attitude is paramount to success or failure. A positive attitude has half the battle won. When I decided to cure my 4 cancers by myself, I knew innately that I would succeed. I had no doubts.

The first step that I took in fortifying my emotional state was to simplify and eliminate as much stress from my life as possible. I learned to delegate stressful and mundane tasks to other qualified people. I hired an investment advisor to take over the management of all my investment accounts and pay all of my bills.

At the time I was in the process of rehabilitating the kitchen and two bathrooms in my home. I was doing all of the work by myself and this was obviously very stressful. I immediately called an old friend who was a master contractor, and hired him to complete the jobs.

Next, I severed all ties with those whom I considered to be negative people, both “friends” and acquaintances, who were either takers, pessimists, naysayers or dolts. There were a dozen people involved in this separation and it was a very painful and emotional experience. After I was done cutting these ties, I felt like I had removed a gangrenous limb from my body. I then surrounded myself only with positive and optimistic people.

Laughter is the best medicine! I tried to laugh several times a day by telling and listening to jokes, and by watching comedic movies and videos on the internet whenever possible. I tried to be happy and positive at all times.

At least 30 minutes of “trancendental meditation” a day left me in a very peaceful, composed, relaxed and in a positive state of mind.

I found a massage therapist and indulged myself by having full and deep body massages every week.

I found a wonderful chiropractor, and after regular treatments was totally pain free, walking erect and feeling great.

Remembering that cancer cells are heat sensitive, one of the best ways to both kill them and to fortify your emotional state is by infrared sauna therapy which heats the body from the inside out and raises the internal body core temperature sufficiently enough to be very effective in killing cancer cells.

I can not stress enough the need to fortify your spiritual state and “get right” with your higher power! Whomever you worship, whether it is Jesus, Moses, Mohamed, Buddha, the Dali Llama,Vishnu, Shiva or Krishna, fortify your connection! If you are an aetheist or an agnostic you are S.O.L. in this respect.

After my diagnosis I was compelled to attend worship services, and found myself in a church where I had never been before. I was an emotional wreck at the time, wrought with doubt, fear, uncertainty and completely stressed out. Before the service I introduced myself and explained to the Pastor my recent diagnosis and requested a special prayer and blessing from him and the congregation. He was very obliging and had the congregation, of several hundred people, pray for all cancer sufferers. After the service the Reverand approached me directly and asked me if I would like to meet with him privately and further discuss my situation. I was thrilled and began meeting with him several times a week for coffee, prayer, solice and support. When I told him of the epiphany that I had during one of his sermons, and my decision to treat myself, he was openly shocked but remained very supportive. He said that God loved me and that if I asked Him He would help me to complete my quest. I eventually joined the church and I truly believe that I was in the right place at the right time and received a “divine intervention” directly from God. Never underestimate the power of prayer and belief.

By January, 2010, I had fully implemented my plan to eradicate my cancers. By mid-June of 2010, after following my program for 6 months, I went back to see my doctors to take a new set of tests to determine if my plan was working.

My Urologist preformed another prostate biopsy and informed me that my prostate cancer, which previously had consumed 25-30% of my gland, had now decreased to effecting only 10% of my prostate gland.

After having another full body scan, my Oncologist reported that my osteogenic sarcoma had shrunk from being the size of a walnut to being the size of a pea, and that there had been no metastasis (spreading) of my cancers to any other organs. He was duly amazed and asked me how I accomplished this feat. I explained my treatment protocol to him, and he said: “God bless you”, to which I replied: “He already has”.

My Dermatologist also found no signs of any recurring lesions on my body and pronounced me cancer free at the epithelial level.

With this positive reinforcement, I happily continued with my plan for another 6 months then repeated this process and went in for another round of tests.

After another prostate biopsy my Urologist was happy to report that the lab had not been able to find any sign of cancer present in my prostate gland. As he stated: “I know it is there but we just can’t find it”. My dermatologist then gave me a clean bill of health. After another full body scan, my Oncologist was very happy to report that my osteogenic sarcoma had now mysteriously disappeared and become only a shadow on the scan. and also stated that there was still no metastasis to any other organ in my body.

Every year I repeat this process and have been entirely cancer free since the beginning of 2010. My name can now be added to the growing list of people who have “just said no” to the barbaric practices of radical surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy, and by using an alternative, non-traumatic, non-invasive treatment protocols, cured and hopefully prevented this insidious disease from re-occurrence. To this day I continue following my protocol: detoxification; alkylinization; oxygenation; fortification of my immune system; and continually renewing both my emotional and spiritual states.

You are what you eat, drink, think and believe! Will this treatment protocol work for you and cure your cancer? Try it, become a believer and add your name to the growing list of self healed cancer survivors.

7 Key Risk Factors For Cancers You Must Know

kTo begin with, it’s pertinent to put cancers in the right perspective. By way of definition, a cancer is a malignant tumour or swelling composed of abnormal cells capable of undergoing uncontrolled proliferation. Many erroneously hold the view that every swelling or lump is a cancer. However, this is not so. Unlike benign swellings, cancerous cells generally have the tendency to invade surrounding tissues and sometimes metastasize (break off and spread) to distant body tissues via the bloodstream or lymphatic system. Cancers result when there is a disruption to the normal process of cell division. Body cells are continuously undergoing cell division, albeit in a controlled manner to replace aging and dead cells. However, a fault or mutation sometimes occurs during this process. If not promptly repaired by the body, this results in the formation of abnormal cells which continue to proliferate uncontrollably and ultimately lead to cancer.

Arguably, the health burden of cancer is enormous. Cancer is said to kill more people annually than HIV/AIDS, Malaria and Tuberculosis. According to the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), by 2030, more than 21 million new cases of cancer would have been diagnosed with 13 million people dying from cancer every year. Furthermore, statistics have revealed that 80000 Nigerian women die from various forms of cancer every year with breast cancer at the top of the list.
A complex interplay of several risk factors, some of which are discussed below determines who comes down with cancer and who does not:

Cigarette smoking, active or passive is implicated in most cancers including lung, nasopharyngeal, oesophageal and prostate cancers to mention a few. In fact, research has shown that about 33% of all annual cancer deaths in the United States result from smoking. Approximately 98% of patients with Small Cell Lung Cancer (SCLC) have a significant smoking history and fortunately, cessation of smoking has been correlated with improved survival in these patients.

Compared with people of normal weight and Body Mass Index (BMI), obese individuals stand a greater risk of some cancer types including cancers of the pancreas, colon, kidneys, oesophagus, breast and the endometrium among others. One explanation that has been proposed for this increased risk is that fat tissues produce excessive quantities of oestrogen in obese people. High oestrogen levels have been associated with increased risk of breast and endometrial cancers. Furthermore, obese individuals are more likely to have elevated blood levels of insulin and Insulin-like Growth Factor 1 (IGF-1) which favour the development of some cancers. Studies have shown that overweight and obese individuals stand 200-400% higher risk of endometrial cancer than their counterparts with a normal BMI.

Immunodeficient individuals such as people living with HIV/AIDS are at more risk of developing certain types of cancer. Three of these cancers namely Kaposi Sarcoma, Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma and Cervical Cancer are referred to as AIDS-defining illnesses. For instance, an individual infected with HIV has several thousands higher risk of manifesting Kaposi Sarcoma and 70 times higher risk of developing Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma. Some other cancer types they are at risk of include anal cancer, Hodgkin lymphoma and lung cancer. Because HIV/AIDS weakens the immune system, it is believed that it predisposes to some other infections that can cause cancer e.g Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) infection that has been implicated in cervical cancer.

Excessive Alcohol Intake
Studies have shown that excessive consumption of alcohol increases your risk of oral, throat, oesophageal and liver cancer. Consequently, if you quit excess drinking, your risk of these deadly cancers will be significantly less.

Excessive exposure to Sunlight
Individuals that expose themselves to intense sunlight inadvertently increase their risk of skin cancers. Numerous studies have implicated Ultraviolet (UV) radiation in the pathology of skin cancers, including melanoma. Melanin is a natural skin pigment that offers significant protection from ultraviolet rays. This is why light-skinned people who have less melanin pigment in their skin are more likely to experience sunburn and skin cancer.

Positive Family History
For most cancers, individuals who have one or more close relatives (especially first-degree relatives) that have been diagnosed with such cancers have a significantly higher risk. Such people are said to be genetically predisposed because they may have inherited some of the abnormal genes. For instance, a family history of breast cancer in a first-degree relative is one of the important risk factors for this cancer. If a mother or sister is affected by breast cancer, the lifetime risk of developing the disease is increased by four folds.

Increasing Age
As people increase in age, their risk of developing most cancers also tends to increase. For example, while breast cancer is very rare in women below 25 years, the incidence reaches a plateau in women aged 50-55 years. Furthermore, prostate cancer is a disease condition that is typically seen in the elderly (Age >65 years) and the prevalence can be as high as 80% at 80 years of age.