Graviola and the Rainforest Healing Powers

A Miracle Plant from the Amazon Region
Latin Name: Annona Muriaca


“The time has come” – how many times we are hearing this sentence, nevertheless it is true because we are living in times of huge challenges, changes and shifts where secrets of many different aspect of life are getting revealed to be known by the public – people also are more courageous to speak out what all should know and YES, if millions KNOW a fact, those who are hiding solutions, will have to surrender.

The biggest lie about Cancer Treatments and Chemo Therapy

The Powers of Graviola (Guanabana in Brazil – Soursop USA)

1) Beats 12 kind of types of cancer such as Breast Cancer, Abdominal Cancer, Ovary Cancer, Uterus Cancer, Lung Cancer, Prostate Cancer, Boon Cancer, Pancreas Cancer, Skin Cancer, Blood Cancer (Leukemia), Bladder Cancer, Liver Cancer


Salubrious way back to a healthy state

2) The Fruit contains a substance called ACETOGENIN that has been proven as 10.000 (ten thousand times) stronger as ACETOGENIN, the drug used for Chemo therapy all over the world with the result of 90% to 10% survivors only – a Bingo Game with the life of people in all nations because the cure is already known.

3) As it is a NUTRIENT it works from INSIDE OUT – eating up the cancer cells, any kind of viruses, bacteria etc. Nutrients have no side effects on our body!!! – unbelievable, miraculous, BUT TRUE (I had the honor to experience many people with cancer even in a very advanced state who were getting well with a Power Juice containing Graviola and there are 1000s in Latin America who had the chance to know about it since 9 years of applications. Solution, Real Cure and permanently heal without Chemo. In case that the doctors ordain Chemo this Special prepared Juice has the powers to protect the healthy cells from burning and allows just the cancer cells to be destroyed, no nausea, no hair loss, neither any other common side effects taking that power plant of healing simultaneously.

MY mother would not be alive without Graviola.

It is TIME TO SHARE and to SHAKE the World of Cancer and to shift the 90% to 10% into a 10% to 90% of survivors!!!

here is the chance to learn about a fact that there is something that has the power to cure cancer, that it has been scientifically proven and that it has been hidden away from people because it comes from Mother Nature and can not be patented in any way.

General Information: About the Plant:

Graviola is an ever green tree growing in the Amazon region of Brazil and in other countries that are touched by the Amazon Forest. It also grows in the tropical rainforest of North America. He grows up to 15 meter high covered with green, long and glossy leaves. His divine fruit is green sometimes a bit yellow shining, has the form of a human heart with a skin looking kind like a big cactus. Its white fruit flesh is eatable and people can buy it on the local Markets. The diameter of the fruit is 20 to 40 cm and local people are eating it out of the hand, the pulp is used to produce a refreshing sour-acid drink or as sorbet.

Indian Tribes use Graviola as medicine since Centuries

Graviola counts with a very long history in the tribal herbal natural medicine. There are Healing substances in every part of the plant: a part of the powerful effects of the fruit we find high effective substances in the leaves, the roots, the trunk, the bark and the seeds. Indian Tribes know about the value of that miraculous tree and they are using the different parts tor multiple and diverse diseases and health Imbalances. Some examples:

In Brazil Roots, Trunk and leaves are used as sedative tee and against nervousness, in other Latin America countries as sedative and as heart tonic medium, also for Diabetes. The leave tee is also used for lever problems and mixed with olive oil it is used for Rheumatism, Arthritis and Osteoarthritis pain in Peru. In Brazil they prepare a mixture out of an immature fruit mixed with Olive oil as extern treatment against Arthritis and Rheumatism.

Leaves are also used against Parasites in Brazil and against Catarrh in Peru.

Fruit, Seeds and Leaves are applied against fever, all kind of parasites, worms, diarrhea, in Brazil also to help increasing the milk of women after giving birth.

In other countries such as Haiti, West Indies and Jamaica are using Graviola as anti spasmodic, sedative, coughs and flu, as nerve strengthening tee, for asthma, hypertension and all kind of parasites, diarrhea and problems at childbirth.

Graviola and Science –

Cancer Research – Scientific Results on Graviola

The Graviola Fruit is already under research since the late 39 of last century – At that Time the science found out that the plant has components, natural principles and properties called “Annonacaeous Acetogenins”, natural chemicals that are confirmed to be highly effective against many kind of tumor cells with components that are found as toxins that kills the cancer cells in a very specific way. Simply spoken Graviola has components that are able to isolate every cancer cell, to build a kind of bubble around it avoiding that the cancer cell can get any further nutrient, so it dies. The dead cancer cells are eliminated by the own body system without any side effects. Those components are hidden in all parts of the tree and in different combination they are used for many different kind of disease. They are documented as anti-microbus, anti-parasitic, antitumorous, anti-cancerous, anti-depressive and anti-spasmodic. Several study results have been published but few people reacted.

Since 1976 profound researches of the National Cancer Institute of the USA resulted in curing an “Adenocarcinoma” of the large intestine after short time. The therapeutic effect confirmed the power of Graviola and her components. This powerful component has been discovered by the German Research Scientist and Oncologist Helmut Keller and with three more Scientists they realized many studies on Graviola. As the Plant does NOT ALLOW any chemical process without losing the healing powers never nobody got to know about this effective cancer treatment. WHY??? – because it only works in natural form and a plant cannot be patented in any form, so the Pharmaceutical World and the Monopoles could not get any profit from it and that is the reason they hided the information.


Graviola contains very active, cytotoxic effects against cancer cells with a chemo therapeutic power that is 10.000 x stronger as Adriamicin, the drug that is used for traditional Chemo Therapy, – without any kind of side effects!

(Since a while the HSI is offering now the copies of the results that can be bought for 25,00USD)

After the confirmation that Graviola can cure naturally Cancer the National Health Institute has indicated 20 Labs to studies the plant during 20 years without any result to transform the active principles into a valid remedy. At the end they gave up and let the miraculous findings in the drawer of their institutes.

Since 1996 other groups of scientists did researches on Graviola and found out that the fruit possesses characteristics against tumor formation and that it produces selective toxins against different kinds of cancer cells, without attacking healthy cells. They confirmed the findings of their results were published 8 different clinical studies.

The different studies of different laboratories resulted in incredible findings that the Acetogenines of Graviola have an unbeatable component in prevention of enzyme formations, which are only found in the diaphragm by tumors and cancer cells. That is the reason, why they are poisonous only for cancer cells without attacking healthy cells. The Acetonines recognize the sick cells isolates the individual cancer cells and for missing nutrients the cancer cell dies.

In the year 1997 a small group of scientists found out, that Graviola contains also alkaloids which have an anti-depressive effect. In the same year the PARDU UNIVERSITY published the information that they discovered even more powers within Graviola. Their clinical studies confirmed that the “Annonacae Acetonine” in Graviola are so effective, that they do not only kill normal cancer cells, but that they are also very effective in killing those cancer cells that are resistant on Chemo Therapy. This investigation explained how that is possible: Those cancer cells that survive the Chemo Therapy are developing resistance against many other kind of drugs, called Multi-Drug-Resistant (MDR) what makes them immune against any treatment and leads the patient 100% to death.

After 20 Year of research the Pharma Industry got aware of the Plant and started research by their own seeking a form and way to transform the active principles and components into a cancer remedy. They also failed. Graviola does not allow any kind of chemical reproduction. It is reconfirmed that Graviola only works as it grows in nature and it beats cancer better then any synthetic drug or heavy poison rays. Until today many different groups of scientists are still researching to create a similar product as Annonacins and it still works only like it grown in Nature.

All that information has been kept in secret because Pharmacies could not transform it into something that would give them a huge profit. So they gave proof that they are not really interested in heal people but in making huge profits from those who are already sufficiently hidden by the disease itself. Why would somebody create so many unnecessary pain when there is something much stronger and without any life threatening side effect.

At the end of the nineties one of the Scientists who was part of one of the research teams broke the silence for reasons of consciousness and some of the reports were accessible for the medicine world. Simultaneously some people from Brazil got kind of divine guidance to go to the Amazon and to study the Plants of the Rainforest. They were integrating the native people to learn from them as their knowledge about healing plants of the Rainforest is reaching back in time for many centuries.

The good thing is that for one time in this world the science is NOT finding a way of manipulation – the power of healing cancer lies in Graviola and several further plants that God preserved to be used like the Almighty lets it grow. It is a blessing for Mankind and a gift from Mother Earth – A wake up call to become conscious and to start honoring the gifts we have forgotten that they exist. When we destroy the rainforests we destroy the lungs of our planet and without oxygen all life will die. We need to open up our hearts to understand that all what we experience has a solution and all what we suffer of different kind of disease has a natural way of cure in nature.

Graviola shows us the way

Nutritive Values of Graviola

Iron, potassium, calcium, copper, magnesium, manganese, sodium, phosphorus, sulfur, Selenium, zinc,

Vitamin A, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B3, Vitamin C

In addition
Dietary fibers, Tannin, Proteins, Lipides

Ethno-medical Uses of Graviola in different Tropical Countries and USA

Latin America:

Abscesses, Tumors, Edemas, Worms, all kind of Parasites, Bronchitis, Breathing Difficulties, Coughs, Diabetes, Digestive Imbalances, Dysentery, Intestine Parasites, the Intestinal/Colic Attacks, Fever, Liver Problems, Neuralgias, Nervousness, general Body Pain, Rheumatism, Tetanus

Tumors of all kind, Intern Ulcers, Parasites, Lice, Hypertension Diabetes, Dysentery, Indigestion, Inflammation, Flu, Liver Disorders, Spasms, Fever and as a Sedative

Tumors, Ulcers, Parasites, Worms, Digestive Disorders (Dyspepsia), Diarrhea and Kidney Problems: Renal Insufficiency – Renal Failure

Tapeworm, Indigestion, Diarrhea, Dysentery, Fever, Chest Colds, Ringworm, Scurvy, Styptic (bleeding)

The Caribbean:
Colds, chills, fever, flu, diarrhea, indigestion, nervousness, palpitations, rash, spasms, skin disease, and as a sedative and calmative agent

Gallbladder Problems, Nervousness, as a Sedative and Calmative Agent, Childbirth

Parasites, Lice, Flu, Digestive Sluggishness, Diarrhea, Fever, Coughs, Pain, Weakness, Wounds, Pellagra, Nervousness, Cardiopathy, Spasms, Sedative, Lactation Aid after Childbirth,

Parasites, Worms, Asthma, Fevers, Heart Disease, Hypertension, Lactation Aid after Childbirth, Nervousness, Sedative, Spasms, Tetanus, Water Retention and general Weakness,

Ringworms, Blood Cleaning Agent, Hypertension, Palpitations, Fainting, Insomnia, Lactation Aid after Childbirth, Flu,

Cancer, Tumors, Ulcers, Fungal Infections, Intestine Parasites, Hypertension, Depression

Asia – Malaysia
Furuncles, Coughs, Colds, Diarrhea, Dermatosis, Hypertension, Rheumatism, and to Reduce Bleeding

British West Indies:
Tumors, Intestine Parasites, Asthma, Childbirth, Lactation Aid, Hypertension

Other Countries:
Cancer, Kidney Problems, Bladder Insufficiency, Liver Disorders, Dysentery, Malaria, Stomach Problems, Ringworm, Lice, Parasites, Childbirth, Asthma, Hypertension, Heart Disease, Arthritis, Scurvy and as a Sedative

Native Wisdom

After learning about ethnological medicine and their high evolved knowledge we should ask ourselves who is more advanced. They have no hospitals and they have NO CANCER or did you ever see a Native in a Cancer Department of a Hospital? They do not have Laboratories, they don’t transform any plant into a pill and they are heal.

The Natives still show us today how to live with nature and how nature provides all what we need for a healthy life. What do we as the so called Civilized World with Nature and with ourselves? We allow destructive exploitation, depletion, exhaustive cultivation, robber economy, not only with Mother Nature but also with our own lives. We burn the candle at two ends disrespecting the holiness of our body. We abuse a maximum and the end is deadly disease. Is that a wonder? No it is just a consequence of our issues, our habits, our believe systems and our actions, of out thoughts, words and the ability to look away when things are not in harmony with the cosmic order. We just don’t care when it does not hit us personally. To heal really we have to heal ALL THE REALMS we are living in otherwise we only get a momentum cure. Can you feel that? It is NOT a question of understanding but of feeling!!!!! We shot our feelings down

You go against your feelings and you get sick!!!

How many times a day we do that???? We have to come back to the heart and stand up to safe the natural resources that are still intact like the rainforest as biggest source of healing plants that exists in our world.

A German Doctor made holiday in the Amazon Region and he was wondering how many natural remedies are there on the market. He took some of the to try and as I started to teach in Germany about Graviola and the Rainforest he showed up and said: I am director of a Hospital and I was looking for a way to make people the Amazonian Healing Powers available. I our Hospital we have a new system and are open for alternative healing methods. We offer open Seminaries and you can come whenever you want to talk about cancer and other disease. I did for Diabetes….. it was amazing

So the Western Countries are learning about Graviola and the Healing Powers of Graviola, the miraculous fruit that brings never ending surprises to people with cancer and other heavy disease. Graviola is a chance for all those who are hidden by Cancer or one of the other diseases of civilization.

This Newsletter again is a Wake up Call and a Chance to survive Cancer. I

Graviola is not only a miracle against cancer cells, but has also components (results of researches) that can eliminate other chemicals like cortisone, drugs and all kind poisons in our body. This is UNIQUE as Cortisone remains into people’s bodies forever with the horrendous side effect that people are gaining weight fro nothing. Graviola is the power of life that is able to clean all poisons we are exposed today in our daily life in air, water and nutrients. It has the amazing natural potency to clean and to regenerate our body cells. Just remember that our body is the Holy Temple of Life that deserves all our respect because the body makes us the gift to be alive and to experience this wonderful personal journey on this beautiful planet, to have fun and grow in all senses when we maintain us in a healthy state.

This Plant and many others are a gift of Divine Source and Mother Earth preserved for our times to remember the love we should have for our divine vehicle, for ourselves and for all life. Divine Source and Mother Earth have the medium for people who have lost faith in the daily battle for survival.

This fruit has the form of a huge heart to show you even by its form that only the heart can heal without any kind of human manipulation, pure and natural like it is given.

A little insight of my own experiences:

As Multi-Dimensional Free Way Healer I learned to go straight to the cause of a disease that is created by denying feelings, psychic shocks, and heavy experiences on heart and soul level as well as body misuse of any kind. It can be karmic origin or even living on a place that is over poisoned by electricity or environmental. Nevertheless we can never get sick when our body defense is working properly and that opens the door to all what we experience. The way of cause and effect never fails and even incurable disease is curable by cosmic law. I always was driven to the Rainforest and I knew deep within that some kind of cure for the physical body should exist in that huge natural pharmacy of Mother Earth. I asked God to get something into my hands that helps people faster to understand and faster to heal so they can learn on big scale and not just one by one.

7 years ago – I was at about to travel to Germany and the day before a friend of my spiritual group from years ago over sudden crossed my way and she asked me when I am going to travel again to Germany and if I could help the next time I go to open an enterprise that sells Amazon Natural Nutrients that are a power house of healing and there is nobody who speaks well German. Well, the word Amazon was hitting me like an electric shock and I was just going the next day… Is this the answer of my prayers I thought. After one week something drove me to get in touch and I felt the obligation to call. The representative came to present the products, 7 at that time. He started to explain each one and as I held the bottle of a mixture of Graviola and 6 other anti cancerous components in my hands instantaneously my entire body was increasing tremendous heat waves and source transmitted: that is what you have asked for. Of course I studied all I had to and stood in Germany for 9 month to get the information out fighting the meanings and beliefs of traditional cancer cure.

There are so many cases I was testimony of that it would fill books and it would made you cry as it does with 100s of people when they hear at the annual gathering people telling their stories of survival in the last moment – their despair facing death and their families without a penny left because no assurance would take the bills anymore – family selling everything they have to safe a beloved one.

One friend of mine Brazilian Plastic Surgery Specialist got Leukemia Myeloid and the needed urgently a cell transplant – she was on a list number 989 – I past 4 month with her working on her and finally we could access the products and the doctor of the enterprise said to her: You know that you are in the hands of God? Yes – but nevertheless we will give it a try – you got to take 5 different products and we found a sponsor – today she has a foundation for abandoned animals – she left her wheel chair behind and she is fine!!!!

All those experiences are divine one by one but I think that more people need to know about it – from mouth to mouth it is just to slow – there are so many people suffering for nothing. The Lady who became director of the German enterprise had 5 types of cancer – 5 children – her best friend a director of a Hispital – he told her to go home and to spend the last time with her children – that his art has come to an end and that he is so sorry. At home a friend passed by and told her about those products – she loves life and she took one product only – after a week she felt stronger – her life powers came back she felt that she could make it and she said she would only go and show up front of her doctor and friend when she was fine. After 6 month she visited him in the hospital – he cried and asked what she did – she talked about the products and halleluiah the doctor today is working in his hospital with those products too. There is not only hope THERE IS HEALING OUT THERE and people need to be informed!

Here some more evidence I found in different reports of the 100 strongest Underground Cures:

CANCER “MAGIC BULLET” DISCOVERED – but drug giant hushes it up!

10,000 times stronger than chemotherapy with no adverse side effects

DARYL S. HAD 12 TUMORS IN HIS PROSTATE. But he received a cutting-edge treatment that helped save his life. And… In 3 months, his PSA dropped AND THE TUMORS DISAPPEARED

HOW? Daryl’s secret was the help of an amazing tree that grows deep in the Amazon rainforest. Called Graviola, it may well prove to be the ultimate cancer-fighter. Studies by the National Cancer Institute already show that Graviola extract is 10,000 times stronger than top chemotherapy drugs…

Yet it’s incredible precision hunts down cancer cells while leaving healthy cells completely alone! Graviola just seems to “know” which cells to kill and which to avoid. There’s no nausea, no hair loss, no weight loss, no weakening of the immune system.

The news about Graviola sent shockwaves through HSI’s extensive medical network. But the story behind Graviola is just as shocking.

As we learned, this lifesaving discovery was very nearly denied to mankind. And I’m sorry to say the reason is that somebody sat on the research. The trail of evidence clearly shows…

For 7 long years, a billion-dollar drug company covered it up!

What’s more, this is undoubtedly not the first time that something like this has happened. Following is a textbook example of how modern drug research works, and how your health falls victim to the pursuit of money and power:

It all started in the early 1990s, when this well-known drug giant started pouring money into the search for a cancer cure…

What gave Jacqueline the power to CONQUER BREAST CANCER?

JACQUELINE HAD BREAST CANCER, but she also had a huge advantage in her battle. Best of all, it works by using your own body’s army of natural “killer cells.” So, it actually makes you feel more energetic, rather than sapping your strength. Like many such firms, they were intrigued by the healing powers of rainforest plants. They discovered that Graviola was being used by Amazon Indians to treat a huge range of diseases. And when they tested its cancer-fighting powers, bingo, they discovered a revolution…

But you can’t make megabucks from any cure UNLESS YOU PATENT IT…

And no one can patent a tree that’s been around for millions of years. So the drug firm tried for seven years to come up with man-made duplicates. But they hit a brick wall. Try as they might, they couldn’t match Mother Nature. Finally, they tossed in the towel…

Okay, they’re in business to make money. Fine. But let me ask you…

If the research files for this breakthrough were sitting on your desk, what would you do with them? Call a news conference? Send out press releases?

At the very least, wouldn’t you publish them all in a prominent medical journal? After all, more than 6 million Americans have died from cancer in the last few decades.

Think how many might have been saved if a discovery like this had been available. But, instead of turning it over to independent researchers…….-

They boxed it up, put it on the shelf – AND TURNED OFF THE LIGHT

Happily, one courageous researcher just couldn’t live with that decision. He spilled the beans… and the result may turn out to be the most life-saving substance on earth. More clinical trials are needed, but more than 20 studies to date have already established that…

Graviola can wipe out 12 types of cancer cells, including breast, prostate, colon, lung and pancreatic tumors

Yet, unlike any chemotherapy drug, it leaves healthy cells undamaged.

A miracle? Perhaps. Yet even now, not one drug company we know of has picked it up and run with it.

WHY? Same reason. No one can legally patent it.

Are you starting to see?

AMAZON MIRACLE TREE fights much more than cancer

While scientific research on Graviola has focused on its cancer-fighting powers, the tree has been used for centuries by tribal healers to treat an astonishing array of diseases:
*muscle spasm
*diarrhea neuralgia


My report continues here: Healings -Cures – and Lies about Conventional Treatments

True example: In Germany one of the Patients of Dr. D. Hamer (working on the psychic shocks for cancer cure) suffered breast Cancer and she was asked three times in the hospital if she is Jewish and she denied – she had family members who were but she wasn’t. She was wondering first why they asked that. The next day another doctor appeared in her Hospital room offering her a heavy treatment apart of the chemo therapy and he told her that people with cancer have only 10% chances to survive but she could be one of the 10% when she would accept this incredible expensive proposal. The got aware of why she was asked if she is Jewish and as it was not the same doctor, she answered, sorry I cannot do that as I am Jewish – the doctor replied: oh I didn’t know and leaving the room he remarked: you will be fine anyways…… can you believe that? But that is the truth about heavy and expensive treatments and people believe the Chemo (90% are not making it) and suffer for nothing…. The Lady reported the doctors and left the hospital. One thing is the big lie about Cancer – the other side has the solution and is not sufficiently known yet to help many people and children avoiding so much unnecessary pain. You will become porter of the secret – during May I will send out a report about the plant and how to get the juice product that is saving 1000s of lives since 9 years in Latin America and 5 other countries – not in USA yet apart of some friends of mine I sent the product to help them get well.

(She is German and the report is to find on Dr Hamer’s German Website)


What more can I say now as that I have experiences with Graviola since 7 years – As I learned by guidance how cases are set into motion that ends up in heavy disease or chronicle disease, even aids is one of the biggest lies, during this year I will publish more reports on products and natural powers for many of diseases that are used by the science to as a good income instead to inform about simple cures from inside out. Graviola helps reproducing the killer cells without our body that is the reason self defense it growing fast as the own body helps the nutrients to fight the sick cells in the body structure -any of them.

The latest studies in Brazil have confirmed that the product combination with Graviola has a component that kills even the Hospital Virus – this is a killer virus without cure until today that is 1000% deadly – we got results that are amazing. In the meanwhile the component who does that that been found.

We are working to get information out to doctors and alternative healers. There is so much to learn and to do because the greatest shift has to be done in education. It is not easy to teach people who have been driven in only one direction to believe denying all other ways,even if their own life depends on that.

The reason of cancer is a psychic shock and it is not so difficult to learn about it – recreate your life from inside out and use the fruits, plants and natural elements that Mother Earth grows so we can get well. Let’s open our hearts and minds for the Amazon Rainforest and join people work fro the protection of this last wonder of an intact ecosystem and stop burning down 5000 square miles each day so some people can make their profit. They are killing life itself and we are the crown of creation and should honor all LIFE in first place as holy!!!!

And don’t forget: Miracles of life are there for everybody

Blessings and time for reflection

Regina E.H.Ariel

Healing of cancer is possible: knowing about the cause of self creation and with the help of Mother Earth Cancer has no chance!!!!

Within three weeks we had a intestine carcinoma disappearing, one prostate cancer patient who had the surgery marked, he was called into the hospital three days before the marked date for last examinations and o wonder all metastasis had disappeared. The doctors did not belief it and they said that those tumors cannot disappear just like that, that they are certainly hidden in some place and they ordained surgery anyways. Is this normal?

A single mom with an 9 year old girl: after three chemo therapies and surgery -close to death she was in a very advanced state, no hair, no faith, with a lot of fears to let her girl behind alone – after 4 days she started to feel better after 10 days her hair started growing again, after 2 weeks she was sure that she will survive. she said: my doctor will not believe this-at the next examination the result was so amazing that the doctor made a national seminary on her case, but he did not to listen to her how she got better

An Overview of Lung Cancer

7General Information on Lung Cancer

Lung cancer, or carcinoma of the lung, is one of the most common forms of cancer today. It is one of the most frequent causes of cancer-related mortality in the United States today. In the United States, another form of cancer that is becoming increasingly common is breast cancer, which is the development of malignant tissue in the breast. Breast cancer is seen mostly in women, though this does not mean that men are immune to it. A small percentage of men too contract breast cancer. The numbers are small, 1 man with breast cancer against a 100 women with it, but its there. However, there is one major difference between breast cancer and lung cancer. One can see the symptoms of breast cancer at an early stage, while in the case of lung cancer, the symptoms are not detected early, primarily because they match the symptoms of other lesser ailments. In this article, we will discuss lung cancer.

A person is said to suffer from lung cancer when a growth of malignant cancer cells is detected in the lungs. Depending on the stage at which lung cancer is detected, it can be classified as being in the:

o Early stages

o Mid-stages

o Advanced stages

Today, there is a vast amount of information on lung cancer available. Patients or relatives of patients can access information over the Internet, which has an almost limitless number of websites dedicated to different aspects of lung cancer – types, causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, etc. For example, if you are from the United Kingdom and want to research information on lung cancer treatment, facilities, etc in your country, you can simply log onto the website of Cancer Research UK, UK’s leading cancer charity, and collect whatever information you want from their site.

Earlier on, treatment of lung cancer was not an easy thing to do, owing to the huge amount of expenses in the form of medical bills, hospital stays fees, etc. However, nowadays with the availability of insurance, things have become easier. Lung cancer insurance is available easily, as is insurance covering other forms of cancer.

Types of Lung Cancer

Two main types of lung cancer exist today. Both of these are seen in the epithelial cells of the lungs. They are:

o Small cell lung cancer (SLCC)

o Non-small cell lung cancer

There is another type, called mixed small cell/large cell lung cancer. In this type you can find both kinds of cells in the cancerous tissue.

Besides these two types, there is another form of cancer of the lung area, called mesothelioma or mesothelioma cancer or cancer of the mesothelium. However, this is not considered a primary form of lung cancer, as its target area is not the lobes of the lung, but the pleural membrane covering the lung.

Small Cell Lung Cancer

This is the rarer of the two basic forms of lung cancer. One out of every five lung cancer patients suffer from small cell lung cancer.

Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer

Non-small cell lung cancer, or non-small lung cancer, is the more common of the two basic forms of lung cancer. Four out of five lung cancer patients suffer from this type of cancer.

Based on the cell type/area in which the carcinogenic cells proliferate in the lungs, non-small cell lung cancer is further categorized into three types. They are:

o Squamous cell carcinoma

o Adenocarcinoma

o Large Cell Carcinoma

o Bronchioalveolar Carcinoma (BAC)

Squamous Cell Carcinoma

This is the most common type of lung cancer. It occurs in the cells lining the airways inside the lungs. This form of cancer occurs mostly due to nicotine ingestion through smoking.


This form of cancer is seen in the mucus cells within the airways in the lung.

Large Cell Carcinoma

This is also called undifferentiated lung cancer. In large cell carcinoma, the proliferating cells are round and much larger than the cells seen in adenocarcinoma or squamous cell carcinoma.

Bronchioalveolar Carcinoma (BAC)

This form of cancer is seen in the bronchioalveolar region of the lung.

What Causes Lung Cancer?

The main cause of lung cancer is exposure to tobacco. This is primarily through smoking. About 80% of lung cancer patients are smokers. Smokers may be cigarette smokers, cigar smokers, or pipe smokers; it doesn’t matter. The risk of contracting lung cancer is equal in all the three cases.

A person may inhale smoke directly. A person can also inhale smoke passively or involuntarily. This smoke is also called secondhand smoke. Secondhand smoke is of two types:

o Mainstream – This is the smoke exhaled by the smoker, and amounts to more than 50% of all secondhand smoke.

o Sidestream – This is the smoke emanating from the burning end of a cigarette/cigar/pipe/hookah.

Passive smokers too stand a high chance of contracting lung cancer. The chances of passive/secondary smokers contracting lung cancer is 30% higher than people who do not inhale smoke either actively or passively.

However, there have been instances of even total non-smokers suffering from lung cancer. This indicates that smoking is not the only cause for lung cancer. It is the primary cause, yes, but not definitely the only cause. The following are some of the other causes of lung cancer:

o Air pollution

o Inhalation of asbestos fibers

o Exposure to radon, a radioactive substance formed by breaking down uranium

o Inhalation of marijuana fumes by smoking

o Exposure of the chest area to radiation therapy during cancer treatment

o Hereditary reasons

o Presence of arsenic in drinking water

o Diet with low fruit and vegetable content (this increases the risk of lung cancer in smokers)

A combination of exposure to tobacco along with any of these causes greatly increases the chances of a person contracting lung cancer.

Lung Cancer Symptoms

The following are some of the common symptoms of lung cancer. They do not usually manifest in the early stages. Even if they do, they are usually mistaken for some other ailment. These symptoms are:

o Persistent coughing

o Reddish or muddy brown spit

o Loss of breath

o Loss of appetite

o Persistent or repetitive infections of the bronchial tract

o Hoarseness of voice

o Renewed wheezing

In its later advanced stages, when the lung cancer is said to be in metastasis, the symptoms are:

o Numbness in the arms or legs

o A jaundiced appearance

o Tumorous growths near the skin surface

o Seizures

o Bone pain

o Dizziness

Lung Cancer Detection and Diagnosis

It is very rare to be able to detect lung cancer in its early stages. There are no specific symptoms of early stages of lung cancer. This is one of the reasons why lung cancer is usually detected in its later stages.

The use of a proper screening technique would greatly increase the chances of early lung cancer detection. However, there is no such proper and totally effective screening technique yet. Research is on to see if one can be formulated soon. As of now, a new technique called spiral CT seems to be the best option for early detection.

Once lung cancer is detected, the next step is to determine the stage it is in. This is done using the AJCC system. Roman numerals are used to mark the different stages of lung cancer, numerals from 0 to IV. Sometimes the stages are further divided into substages, using denotations A and B. The general rule of thumb is that the lower the denomination, the less serious the condition.

Lung Cancer Treatment

Lung cancer treatment options are usually the same as prostate cancer treatment options or colon cancer treatment options. What I mean is that all forms of cancer have the same treatment options. However, lung cancer tests may be different from colon cancer tests. The standard treatment options for lung cancer are:

o Surgery

o Radiation Therapy

o Chemotherapy

What matters is the combination of methods being used. The more serious the cancer, the more chances that different treatment options will be used in tandem, or one after the other.

Diagnosis and Treatment of Breast Cancer

wBreast cancer is characterized by the growth of malignant tumors in the glandular tissues of the breast. Today, more women are surviving breast cancer than ever before. Over two million women are breast cancer survivors. With early detection and prompt and appropriate treatment, the outlook for women with breast cancer can be positive.

No one knows why some women develop breast cancer and others do not. Although the disease may affect younger women, 75% of all breast cancer occurs in women age 50 or older. Some of the noted risks factors include familial or genetics, exposure to estrogen, demographic factors (age, race, ethnicity, and socioeconomic status), nutrition and lifestyle, and smoking.

Symptoms of breast cancer are hardly noticeable when it first develops but as the cancer grows, it can cause changes that women should watch for. The most common symptom is an abnormal lump or swelling in the breast, but lumps may also appear beside the breast or under the arm. Other symptoms may include unexplained breast pain, abnormal nipple discharge, changes in breast texture, or changes in the skin on or around the breast.

Breast Cancer Screening

To screen or not to screen – that is the dilemma. The problem is not simply medical but also a matter of economics. Diagnosis of cancer, whether initial or recurrence, is the period of greatest acute stress for a cancer patient. This crisis is defined by sadness (depression), fear (anxiety), confusion, and occasional anger.

The goal of screening women for breast cancer is to detect cancer in its earliest stage when surgery and medical treatment can be most effective in reducing mortality. Screening is only beneficial when an earlier diagnosis results in a reduction in mortality and morbidity and when the risks of the screening test are low. There are three methods for breast cancer screening that are currently practiced: X-ray mammography, clinical breast examination and breast self-examination.

Of the three screening methods, the most reliable by far is mammography. However, in women with very dense breast tissue, both ultrasound and mammograms may miss tumors, which, however, can be detected by a Magnetic Resonance Imager (MRI). MRI is also more accurate for detecting cancer in women who carry the breast cancer genes BRCA1 and BRCA2. However, the principal means of diagnosis – and many believe the only definitive one – is biopsy – a minor surgical procedure in which the lump or part of the lump is removed and examined under a microscope for cancer cells. A doctor might perform fine needle aspiration, a needle or core biopsy, or a surgical biopsy.


A mammogram is a special x-ray of the breast that often can detect cancers that are too small for a woman or her doctor to feel. Screening aims to detect breast cancer at a very early stage when cure is more likely. The amount of radiation needed to produce a clear mammogram (picture) varies with breast size and density. To avoid undue exposure it is highly desirable to use the lowest possible dose of radiation needed.

A mammogram cannot distinguish between a benign or malignant tumor and thus is not 100% accurate. However, mammography detects over 90% of all breast cancer though a negative mammography does not necessarily indicate its absence. Mammography and clinical examination are complementary and if there is strong suspicion of a palpable lesion, the only way to make a positive diagnosis is by having a biopsy.

The results of several large studies have convincingly demonstrated that breast cancer screening by mammography reduces mortality by approximately 30% in women older than 50 years. The American Cancer Society states that women of 40 to 49 years of age should receive screening mammograms every one to two years. Yearly mammography screening is recommended for women of 50 years and older.

However the risks of any screening intervention need to be evaluated as closely as the benefits. The risks associated with mammography screening for breast cancer include, radiation exposure, false positives, and over-diagnosis. The risk of radiation-induced breast cancer from screening mammography is estimated to be minimal. The excess risk for breast cancer caused by radiation is increased with a younger age of the woman at exposure and increasing cumulative radiation dose. However, the benefits of mammography still significantly outweigh the risk of radiation-induced breast cancer.

Clinical Breast Examination (CBE)

During a clinical breast examination, the doctor checks the breasts and underarms for lumps or other changes that could be a sign of breast cancer. The CBE involves bilateral inspection and palpation of the breasts and the axillary and supraclavicular areas. Examination should be performed in both the upright and supine positions. One of the best predictors of examination accuracy is the length of time spent by the examiner.

The efficacy of CBE alone in screening for breast cancer is uncertain. The results of several large studies have convincingly demonstrated the effectiveness of CBE when combined with mammography as screening for breast cancer in women older than age 50 years. The American Cancer Society advises that women should have CBEs every three years from age 20 to 39 years. Annual CBEs should be performed on women 40 years of age and older.

Breast Self-Examination (BSE)

A systematic examination by a woman in which she uses her fingers to feel for changes in her breast shape and fluid discharge from the nipple in order to detect any abnormalities. It is ideally carried out every month. Estimates vary, but 80 to 95% are first discovered as a lump by the patient. Intuitively it follows that regular breast self-examination as a complementary screening modality perhaps along with mammography may help discover some cancers at an earlier stage, when the prognosis is more favorable.

Approximately four out of every five breast lumps so detected turn out to be a cyst or other benign (noncancerous) lesion. If a lump is found, however, it is essential to determine as quickly as possible if it is cancerous or not. There are now several epidemiologic studies indicating that survival is increased in women practicing breast self-examination and that cancers detected by breast self-examination tend to be smaller.


Once breast cancer has been found, it is staged. Through staging, the doctor can tell if the cancer has spread and, if so, to what parts of the body. More tests may be performed to help determine the stage. Knowing the stage of the disease helps the doctor plan treatment.

The choice of treatment for breast cancer depends on a woman’s age and general health, as well as the type, the stage, and location of the tumour, and if the cancer has remained in the breast or has spread to other parts of the body. There are a number of treatments, but the ones women choose most often – alone or in combination – are surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, and hormone therapy.

Standard cancer treatments are generally designed to surgically take out the cancer; stop cancer cells from getting the hormones they need to survive and grow through hormone therapy; use high-energy beams to kill cancer cells and shrink tumors through radiation therapy and use anti-cancer drugs to kill cancer cells through chemotherapy.

However, the current view holds that cancer is a systemic disease involving a complex spectrum of host-tumor relationships, with cancer cells spread via the bloodstream, and therefore variations in local or regional therapy are unlikely to affect a patient’s survival. Rather, the cancer must be attacked systemically, through the use of radiation therapy, chemotherapy, hormone therapy and immunotherapy.

For women with early-stage breast cancer, one common available treatment is a lumpectomy combined with radiation therapy. A lumpectomy is surgery that preserves a woman’s breast. In a lumpectomy, the surgeon removes only the tumor and a small amount of the surrounding tissue. The survival rate for a woman who has this therapy plus radiation is similar to that for a woman who chooses a radical mastectomy, which is complete removal of a breast.

If the breast cancer has spread locally – just to other parts of the breast – treatment may involve a combination of chemotherapy and surgery. Doctors first shrink the tumor with chemotherapy and then remove it through surgery. Shrinking the tumor before surgery may allow a woman to avoid a mastectomy and keep her breast.

If the cancer has spread to other parts of the body, such as the lung or bone, chemotherapy and/or hormonal therapy might be used to destroy cancer cells and control the disease. Radiation therapy may also be useful to control tumors in other parts of the body.

Because 30% of breast cancers recur, the National Cancer Institute urges all women with breast cancer to have chemotherapy or hormone therapy following surgery, even if there is no evidence that the cancer has spread. Such systemic adjuvant therapy, as it is called, can prevent or delay about one-third of recurrences.

Breast Cancer Prevention

Breast cancer cannot be completely prevented, but the risk of developing advanced disease can be greatly reduced by early detection.

Several drugs are now available to treat or prevent breast cancer. Chemopreventive agents such as Tamoxifen and Raloxifene act to prevent the development of breast cancer by interrupting the process of initiation and promotion of tumors. The antiestrogenic effect of these agents appears also to lead to growth inhibition of malignant cells. Chemoprevention is the most promising intervention for achieving primary prevention at this time.


Tamoxifen is a nonsteroidal antiestrogen with a partial estrogen agonist effect. It is FDA-approved, and is now used for estrogenreceptive cancer patients and also for high-risk individuals who are still menstruating and producing considerable estrogen.

Given by mouth, it may increase the risk of stage I endometrial cancer and also may worsen vaginal dryness and hot flashes. Tamoxifen may be less effective as a preventive agent in women with a strong family of breast cancer.


Raloxifene hydrochloride is a selective estrogen receptor modulator (SERM) that blocks the action of estrogen in the breast and endometrial tissue. The incidence of estrogen receptor positive invasive breast cancer was reduced by 76% among women treated with either dose of raloxifene at 40 months of follow-up time. The side effects of raloxifene include an increased risk of thromboembolic disease, but not an increased risk of endometrial cancer.

Also, there are recent studies that link low incidence of breast cancer with various environmental factors, especially diet. One food touted to be cancer preventive is soy (found in foods such as tofu, tempeh, soy milk and vegetarian meat substitutes), but there is no clear evidence for this supposition. Consuming more fruits and vegetables, eating less red meat (perhaps substituting soy protein) and avoiding cholesterol (olive oil has none) may also help in preventing breast cancer.

A chemical (indole-3-carbinol or I-3-C) found in broccoli, cabbage and other cruciferous vegetables now available as a diet supplement may help prevent estrogen-related breast cancers. Another possible preventive measure is regular use of standard doses of anti-inflammatory drugs such as ibuprofen and aspirin two or more times a week.

Finally, a recent study showed that exercise helps prolong life for survivors. The precise mechanism is not known, but it is suspected that physical activity lowers hormone levels, decreases insulin resistance and reduces weight gain, all factors in breast cancer.

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Tale of Two Breasts – A Cancer Story

2In September of 2004 my doctor found a lump. After several ultrasounds and mammograms, the concerns outweighed my age enough to necessitate a biopsy. At 26 years old, I wasn’t a likely candidate for a mammogram, let alone an open surgical biopsy.

The lump turned out to be many, but to my relief they were mostly simple fluid-filled cysts. However, it was because of those cysts that something of greater interest was discovered. The radiologist had seen several micro-calcifications that showed up as tiny white specks during my screenings.

In February, 2005, a fine wire localization biopsy was performed and a section was removed about the size of a stack of 6 toonies (a toonie is a Canadian two dollar coin). It was reviewed by the pathologist in Nanaimo and a diagnosis was unclear, so the slides were sent to a specialist at the BC Cancer Agency in Vancouver for consultation. According to his review, it was “a challenging case”. A month after the procedure, although I hadn’t actually seen the report, I was told that it was “not cancer”, but we should continue screening every 6 months to make sure nothing changed.

My experience with the BC Cancer Agency; Vancouver Island Centre didn’t transpire until one year later, once I was living in Victoria. I was in for a routine check up, and my new doctor requested my medical file from the previous clinic in Nanaimo. I had given him my version of the past 2 years’ events, so he was a little surprised to read my pathology report from the year before stating that I had been diagnosed with Lobular Carcinoma in Situ (LCIS), among other things. He made a call on my behalf, and within hours I was contacted by someone at the Cancer Agency here in Victoria.

I met with a specialist there a few days later and we went over my surgical pathology report to try to decipher exactly what it meant. He spent 3 hours with me going over the diagnosis, translating and even creating diagrams to help me understand. He was very thorough and helped put my mind at ease with the diagnosis.

Depending on who you ask, or what reports you read, LCIS is not considered cancer, as its name suggests. It has been explained to me that “in situ” means that abnormal cancer cells are present, but have not spread past the boundaries of tissues where they initially developed. LCIS is considered a red flag to allow both doctor and patient to keep an eye on things.

Essentially no invasive cancer was discovered, however several “markers” were found. Markers are indications of a heightened risk of developing invasive breast cancer in the future. There are several risk factors associated with the disease which include; age, hormonal risk factors, personal or family history, lifestyle habits and antecedent intraductal hyperplasia. Although neither my age nor lifestyle provide a heightened risk, my family history and the diagnosis of both intraductal hyperplasia, and LCIS do increase my risk significantly.

The implication of a cancer diagnosis is somewhat overwhelming, but the important message is that thanks to screenings made available through funding, I know about the risks and I am in control of my health care options.

Cancer in its early stages is difficult to detect without the use of screening tests. Thanks to concern from my doctors and a little diligence on my part, I am able to stay on top of my health concerns.

The BC Cancer Foundation raises funds so people are able to receive the care they need at any of the BC Cancer Agencies across the province. Their mandate includes research, prevention & education, early detection & diagnosis, and treatment & care. Visit their website bccancerfoundation.

The Basics

First of all, let’s try to understand what cancer is. Our body’s cells have genes which regulate the growth of said cells. A normal, healthy cell grows at a reasonable rate and eventually it dies out and is replaced by a new one. A cancer cell has the ability to divide at a rapid pace and produces many cells which form a tumor. A benign tumor is simply one that is made up of cells that are virtually normal and is considered harmless for the most part. The ones that concern doctors are malignant tumors which are cancerous and can continue to multiply spreading throughout the body.

Breast cancer is a malignant tumor that develops in the breast, usually in the lobules (milk producing glands) or ducts(tubes that carry milk to the nipple). I say usually because it can also develop in the connective tissues of the breast; which is the fatty part that surrounds the ducts and lobules.

Understanding the Lymphatic System is an important part to understanding how breast cancer can spread. Lymph nodes are an assembly of immune system cells which are connected by lymphatic vessels (small veins carrying lymph away from the breast. Lymph is a clear fluid that contains tissue fluid, waste products and immune system cells. If cancer cells enter the lymphatic vessels they can begin to grow in the lymph nodes. If this happens there is a good chance that they have also gotten into the bloodstream therefore spreading to other parts of the body. However, just because it has reached the lymph nodes.


Only 5 – 10% of cancers are hereditary (passed down from mother or father). The cancer itself is not inherited, but the gene that increases the risk factor for developing the cancer is inherited. The other 90 – 95% of cancers are sporadic.

So what does that mean? Well, our genes have many jobs and are in charge of telling our cells what to do and when to do it. If there is a mutation in those genes it causes the cells to do strange things. In the case of cancer, a mutated gene is telling cells to divide when they shouldn’t be which causes tumors (as discussed in The Basics). For the most part, gene mutations usual happen later in life and are a result of natural aging or exposure to things like smoke, hormones, certain viruses or chemicals and dietary influences. The damage to our cells doesn’t always lead to cancer because our cells are also equipped to repair damage and, as you may remember from grade 9 Science, we have 2 copies of each damage repairing gene (one from each parent). But if a mutation occurs in both copies of the gene, it can mean uncontrolled growth and can lead to cancer.

If a person is born with a mutation in one of the copies of a damage repairing gene pair, this means their risk for developing cancer is higher, known in the medical community as “genetic susceptibility”. That is because they only have one good protective gene remaining and if it is damaged in the aging process or because of other environmental exposures, it can lead to the gene communicating to its cells to divide and multiply at a rapid rate. Hereditary cancer, therefore, usually develops earlier in life.

When a cancer develops in someone who has no family history or “genetic susceptibility” it is called “sporadic cancer”. Since both copies of the protective gene which eventual mutate, start out in good condition, sporadic cancer usually develops later in life as it takes longer for both copies to become damaged.

The genes that are linked to breast cancer are called the BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes. Genetic risk assessment and genetic counselling are available to help you discover your risk for breast and other forms of cancer. Genetic Risk assessment will tell you if you carry the BRCA1 or 2 gene mutation, but it won’t tell you what your risk of developing breast cancer is. Genetic Counselling can help you to understand your risk for hereditary cancer by reviewing family history, discussing genetic testing and providing information and referrals to experts. Learn more about Genetic Counselling.

Symptoms or signs of breast cancer can range from lumps and swelling to changes in the skin. Non-cancerous cysts and infections often have the same symptoms. So how can you be sure?


Watch for the following symptoms:
*swelling of all or part of the breast
*skin irritation or dimpling
*breast pain
*nipple pain or the nipple turning inward
*redness, scaliness, or thickening of the nipple of breast skin
*nipple discharge other than breast milk
*a lump in the underarm area


Breast Self-Exam (BSE)

It is, in my humble opinion, the most important way to stay on top of your breast health – because it is something you can do on your own, and will get you familiar with your body. It is becoming quite a controversial subject. There was a study performed in Russia and China in 2008 of 400,000 women, which reported that BSE does not reduce the mortality rate and may cause more harm due to prompting unnecessary biopsies. It is my opinion that it’s better to be safe than sorry. According to about 20% of breast cancers are found by physical exams rather than mammography.

Breast self-examination can be frustrating at first, because you don’t know what to look for, and if you are like most women, there are many bumps and lumps in your breasts that are harmless. That is exactly why you should do this on a regular basis – every month. The best time to perform a BSE is a few days after your period when swelling has gone down. If you feel a lump don’t panic, it is most likely not cancerous. But have it checked out by your doctor and then keep an eye on it to see if anything changes. You may want to keep a journal with notes on where and when you found something suspicious. If a change lasts longer than one cycle see your doctor to have it checked.


It is one of the most hated words in the English language for women! But I’m here to tell you that they’ve been given a bad rap and they aren’t as horrible as they have been made out to be. They save lives after all! Doctors have been using mammography for the past 40 years to find and diagnose breast cancer. Mammograms have been shown to lower the risk of dying from breast cancer by 35% in women over 50 years old. Cancer Foundations world wide are now recommending that women over 40 be screened annually in order to find tumours before they are able to develop into invasive breast cancers. Early detection often means that the cancer can be removed without having to resort to a mastectomy (breast removal).

Of course, nothing is guaranteed and mammography alone can miss up to 20% of breast cancers because they simply aren’t visible. Breast Self-Examination and other techniques such as ultrasounds or MRI’s can also help detect problems.


There are several types of breast cancer and your treatment can differ based on what your diagnoses is. Some of the most common types of breast cancer are explained below:

DCIS – Ductal Carcinoma In Situ

This form of cancer is considered non-invasive because it stays inside the milk duct. It can grow within the duct, but will not spread into the rest of the breast tissue or to the lymph nodes. If caught early enough, DCIS can be removed with a lumpectomy, which is the removal of just the area of the breast containing the cancer. However if the cancer is large, or appears in more places throughout the breast, a mastectomy may be necessary. In most cases a lumpectomy is followed by radiation, but a mastectomy is only followed by radiation if lab tests show cancer near the edge of the removed tissue.

IDC – Invasive Ductal Carcinoma

This is the most common type of breast cancer, making up about 80% of all cases. It begins in the milk ducts and spreads to surrounding breast tissue. If left untreated it can spread to the lymph nodes and other areas of the body. Invasive cancers are given a stage to describe how far it has spread from its original location. It is based on the size of the tumor, whether or not it spread to the lymph nodes and other parts of the body. It can range from stages 1 to 4, where 1 is the earliest stage and 4 is the most advanced stage.

Your doctor will order a variety of tests to help determine which stage the cancer is at and to help determine the best treatment regime. Typically the patient would undergo surgery to remove the tumor and determine whether the cancer has spread to the lymph nodes. This surgery can range from a lumpectomy (removal of only the lump or tumor) to a radical mastectomy (removal of the breast[s] and all the muscle under the breast[s]) or somewhere in between. Radiation may be recommended after the surgery to destroy and remaining invasive IDC cells. This has also been shown to reduce the risk of recurrence.

Chemotherapy is used to treat many higher stage cancers where the cancer has spread to the lymph nodes or other parts of the body. Chemo (for short) is a medication (or combination of medicines) which enter the bloodstream to travel throughout the body interfering with rapidly dividing cells. For the most part they are the cancer cells, however there are also many healthy cells in your body which divide rapidly, such as those in your blood, mouth, intestinal tract, nose, nails, vagina and hair. Therefore the chemotherapy will also affect them causing symptoms ranging from hair loss to osteoporosis.

Your doctor may also recommend hormonal or other targeted therapies. As with any major medical diagnoses, there is follow up care that will be important to your continued health. Regular exams and tests will be required by your doctor.

LCIS – Lobular Carcinoma In Situ

Like DCIS, LCIS is not considered an invasive cancer as it does not spread into other areas within, or outside the breast. It is considered a marker for breast cancer, meaning that the person is at a higher risk for developing an invasive breast cancer in the future and should be monitored with regular mammography and ultra sounds. It is usually found in pre-menopausal women aged 40-50. It is difficult to estimate the risk of a patient with LCIS developing an invasive cancer because LCIS can go undetected, however it has been estimated that your risk increases from 12.5% for the average women, to 30-40% if diagnosed with LCIS.

LCIS is usually diagnosed when a biopsy is performed because of an abnormality in a mammogram. It does not require typical cancer treatment but should be carefully monitored to watch for early signs of invasive cancer. Talk to your doctor about medications and treatments which may help to reduce your breast cancer risk.

ILC – Invasive Lobular Carcinoma

This is the second most common type of breast cancer, making up about 10% of all cases. It begins in the lobules and spreads to surrounding breast tissue. . If left untreated it can spread to the lymph nodes and other areas of the body. ILC tends to be found in more than one area within the breast and is likely to affect both breasts. It is slow to spread outside the breast and tends to show up in the stomach, intestines and ovaries and has been known to eventually spread to the brain spinal cord tissues.

Treatments and care for ILC are similar to that of IDC and will vary depending on the stage of the cancer cells.

Some other, less common forms of breast cancer are Inflammatory Breast Cancer, Male Breast Cancer and Recurrent and Metastatic Breast Cancer.


Once you have been diagnosed with a form of breast cancer, you have so many questions that you don’t even know where to start. Most of them are likely about your health and what your options are. But there are many other factors in your life that are affected by breast cancer besides your health. Such as how will I pay for my care? What if I can’t work? How will my family cope? How will my life change?

You will need more than just medical support, you need mental and spiritual support. Who do you talk to about your cancer concerns? The same people you talk to about your everyday concerns. You should have a support group that can help you through the difficult times. If you don’t feel that you have anyone close to you that you can talk to, there are still options. Talk to a social worker or psychologist. It is important to get your thoughts and fears out in the open, and as long as you have a sympathetic ear, it will help you let go of some of those fears.

There are many support groups of other people with breast cancer and cancer survivors who can lend an ear, and can also benefit from talking with you. Ask you doctor about support groups in your area, or go the discussion boards on

I found that being involved in fundraisers was also a great way to feel like I was in control, like I was dictating at least one part of how this disease affected my life. Last year I took part in the CIBC Run for the Cure in Victoria and raised almost $5,000 towards helping research in my area.

Living From Diagnosis to Death – The Diary of a Cancer Patient’s Daughter

eOne of the hardest things to do in life is to live once you’ve been told you are going to die. It’s as if life speeds up after you receive knowledge that your days are ticking away on a finite clock that you have no control over. One important thing that I learned while experiencing the devastating affects of Pancreatic Cancer with my mother as she fought this distressing disease is that it is crucial to focus on the time that you have rather than on the time you don’t have. To me this article is a condensed version of the Diary of Cancer Patient’s Daughter as I explain what living with Pancreatic Cancer is like from diagnosis to death as I framed the picture of my mother’s experience in my mind.

I hope and pray that you receive something out of these words birthed out of pain that will bring you peace and help you or your loved one with a Cancer diagnosis live a little longer and happier in spite of the sad reality you are facing. There are 7 D’s in this Cancer Diary that can help you manage the physical and mental aspects of this awful disease. Remember that what you don’t do in the Cancer Crisis is just as important as what you do.

Entry # 1: The Diagnosis:

My mother Joyce was 66 years old when she was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer during the summer of 2008. Though all Cancer is bad, Pancreatic Cancer is considered one of the worst because it is the most difficult to diagnose. The reason is that the symptoms mirror digestive problems as the disease hides in the depths of the digestive system. My mother had chronic pain in her stomach and though she went to the emergency room several times receiving numerous tests and ultra sounds the doctors kept telling her nothing was wrong with her and sent her home every time. Initially they thought it was a problem with her gal bladder which is a common misdiagnoses in the case of Pancreatic Cancer.

Her Father Boyce whom she was named after died of Pancreatic Cancer 20 years earlier, but the chance that she could have that very same thing never occurred to her or anyone else in our family. If Cancer runs in your family, especially Pancreatic Cancer, I would advise you to have regular screenings for this disease as early diagnosis is a key to survival. One of the most deadly things about Pancreatic Cancer is that because it is so hard to diagnose most patients don’t receive their diagnosis until they are already in Stage 4 of the Cancer when there is practically no hope.

The symptoms of Pancreatic Cancer include: abdominal pain and pressure, jaundice, nausea, loss of appetite, depression, weight loss and weakness. My mother had all symptoms except for jaundice. Just because a person is missing a common symptom doesn’t mean they don’t have Pancreatic Cancer. The most common procedures used to diagnosis this brutal disease are: Ultrasonography, CT Scanning, Endoscopic Retrograde Cholangiopancretography, Endoscopic Ultrasound, MRI, and Cholangiogram Percutaneous Transhepatic. I’m pretty sure my mother had all of these tests done and it can be very draining to endure such experiences, however it is vital in obtaining a diagnosis. The results of her diagnosis showed that there was a tumor on her pancreas blocking the flow of bile from her liver, as well as, the flow of enzymes from her pancreas. In her case the tumor was wrapped around a blood vessel and surgery to remove the tumor was not really an option. Very few surgeons in the country would have been able to successfully perform the surgery and her chances of survival would have been slim to none. Even if she had of had the surgery her quality of life following it was questionable. This surgery is commonly known as the Whipple Operation and removes a large part of the pancreas, the duodenum and a portion of the bile duct

What do you do in this situation? You make the choice to live the best life in the time that you have which is undetermined and different for everyone. Suck every drop of joy out of life you can as quickly as possible. If we could turn back the clock and do it all over again the one thing we would do differently is have annual screenings for the disease conducted because had we done that my mother might still be alive today. What you do in time can determine the time you have on this earth.

Many people allow the hands of time to cover their eyes to what they don’t want to see. Open your eyes today and if you have not been diagnosed with this disease begin to use preventative measures such as a healthy diet, exercise, and regular checkups with your doctor.

Entry # 2: Denial:

We were in such disbelief after receiving the diagnosis we failed to take immediate action locked in the paralysis of our new found reality. One thing Cancer does not give you is time. That big devil called denial must be dealt with. I can still hear my mother saying, “I can’t have this…not me!” You must come to grips with what you have in order to get a grip on the situation. Sometimes I think of Cancer being more of an accident of health rather than a mistake of nature. All you can do with a mistake is wish that it never happened but accidents can be prevented. Maybe this is a little optimistic since Cancer tends to creep in like an unexpected thief to steal your most prized possessions. Even so, optimism is always stronger than pessimism and it merely means that our powerful spirits encased in a fragile frame of flesh chooses to live.

Even people with diseases such as drug addiction and alcoholism must come out of denial before they recover. I know Cancer survivors and they are the same people that came out of denial and dealt with the disease. You will never take action in regards to something you don’t believe.

Entry # 3: Drugs:

We live in a pill popping nation where there is a drug for every situation. One of the main problems with drugs is that they mask symptoms but fail to provide a cure. Drugs do their best to cover up the Cancer until the victim is covered with earth in a coffin. I keep hearing rumors that there is a cure for Cancer but the medical and funeral industries are making too much money off of the disease to release the cure. I don’t know if that is true but it sure makes sense.

Though drugs were diagnosed to help my mother one of the first things we did which is extremely important for Pancreatic Cancer patients was to have a stint put in. Stints were inserted into the tubes leading from her liver and pancreas to help them function and this helped her to live a better life. In some cases, depending on the size of the tumor, it is very difficult to insert stints but there are several alternative methods and procedures to accomplish the same effect. If you have a good doctor he will inform you of all options. If you have a doctor that doesn’t tell you all the options; get another doctor.

My experience with a mother with Pancreatic Cancer perfected a hatred in me for Morphine which is the pain medication my mother was put on. Since the pain caused by the Cancer is so intense our options were limited and we wanted my mother to be able to live out her days as pain free as possible as I think anyone would. The Morphine altered her mind, changed her personality, and caused aggression and paranoia. The effects of the Morphine put the family in pain while relieving my mother’s pain.

At times it was as if she was out of her mind and it nearly drove us out of ours. She no longer trusted the people that loved her and many times would forget what she was saying in the middle of a sentence. The family told her many things over and over again and she wouldn’t do them and always forgot what we told her. To me Morphine kills a person before they die. It kills their ability to convey the essence of who they truly are. There are alternatives for pain relief drugs but I don’t know how much better they are since we only dealt with Morphine.

It amazes me how Patrick Swayze filmed a television series with Pancreatic Cancer refusing to take pain medications so he could concentrate on and accomplish his work. I remember hearing him speak about preparing hours in advance of his shoots to be mentally and physically prepared to accomplish every task in pain. I think drugs such as Morphine make a person die faster because it arrests their mind. In the movie the Matrix if you’ve ever seen it, Neo is doing the jump program with Morpheus and falls. When he comes out of it he is bleeding and makes a statement to the fact that he thought it wasn’t real and Morpheus tells him that the mind makes it real and that the body cannot live without the mind. If you are mentally incapacitated, how can you make a conscious decision to fight for your life?

A glimmer of hope came to us while dealing with the madness of the Morphine which is an alternative pain treatment that Cancer patients can receive that deals with injecting alcohol around certain nerves to block the feelings of pain. My mother had this procedure done but said that it didn’t work. To this day I don’t know if the treatment really didn’t work or if by the time she had it she was

already addicted to the Morphine and the pain she felt were the pangs of withdraw.

Unfortunately Morphine was only one wave in the ocean of drugs we had to deal with. There were digestive enzymes that had to be taken prior to eating, beta blockers, heart medication, anxiety medication, insulin for the diabetes caused by the shut down of the pancreas, medication for indigestion, vitamins, blood thinners for blood clots and so many medications we had to make an Excel spreadsheet just to keep track of them.

One of the effects of the disease that had to be dealt with was extreme swelling of the abdomen and feet to the point where diuretics were prescribed, fluid draw procedures had to be performed by using a needle to draw the fluid from the abdomen and as for the feet; only house shoes could be worn. I found out that the swelling was caused by the Cancer mainly due to the body’s reaction to the tumor and to the lack of protein in the blood disabling the bloods ability to hold fluid.

The things that a person goes through with Cancer are almost endless. Every part of the body is affected; especially the mind, the will, and the emotions. Based upon the experience I encountered with my mother a couple of other crises we had to press through was the C Diph infection causing chronic diarrhea causing contact isolation that is almost like quarantine to be implemented. My mother could barely eat and we had to put on hospital gowns and gloves to be in the room with her or even come in contact with her.

An episode we faced with internal bleeding caused by the rupturing of blood vessels was very traumatic and hospitalized my mother after she passed out from weakness with her eyes rolling back in her head due to the extreme blood loss. Blood was in her bowels and blood transfusions had to be issued in order to get her blood count back up to normal which is usually 14 and hers was almost half that. Had we not sought medical attention for her at that time she could have died. So that you can recognize this, the symptoms are usually extreme weakness and black loose bowels. I experienced the same thing when I was four years old and diagnosed with acute hemorrhagic pancreatitis.

We tried chemotherapy which is extremely hard on the body, killing the good cells along with the bad. Chemotherapy is like infusing your body with a poison in order to get rid of another poison. For some people it works but sadly to say in the cases of Pancreatic Cancer it is rarely effective. I am not a doctor and therefore give no medical recommendations as to how to treat Cancer of the Pancreas but in my own personal opinion and experience through observation I would say if possible, find a better way.

There are alternative treatments, natural remedies, and experimental treatments. A Cancer patient can seek studies that are being conducted for the type of Cancer they have and in many cases when they become a part of the study they can receive free or very low cost experimental treatments. One day one of these experimental treatments might be the answer. My mother used an experimental chemotherapy that was available but it was too hard on her heart. One of her smaller tumors did disappear but that wasn’t enough to save her.

Chemotherapy can carry such side effects as nausea, vomiting, and decreased white blood cell counts. Historically, Chemotherapy has not been effective in the treatment of Pancreatic Cancer, but there are more up to date treatments that use an FDA approved agent called gemcitabine which has helped to shrink some tumors for Carcinoma of the pancreas.

At one point we went to see a naturalpathic doctor specializing in alternative Cancer treatments that knew of a treatment that had proved to be effective for Pancreatic Cancer. The name of the treatment is Intravenous – Lipoic Acid/Low-Dose Naltrexone Protocol. There are various articles and information on this treatment for you to research and intelligently consider.

Our problem with the treatment was that one of the drugs prescribed for it that could only be filled at a compound pharmacy blocks the affects of opiates and since my mother was on Morphine for pain a known opiate she plunged into a chronic pain episode that caused her to lose coherency from the pain and go to the emergency room where the only thing they could do to relieve her pain was to give her a drug strong enough to sedate her and completely knock her out. It was a tremendous setback in her treatment. The opiate blocking drug was supposed to be a very low dosage that should not have negatively affected her so if this particular treatment is chosen I would do extensive research and make ample preparations before trying it.

When you are personally dealing with Cancer or know someone close to you that is, you will find out quickly that everyone has a product to sell you that they claim has cured someone from Cancer. Maybe they have and maybe they haven’t. Again, I remember watching an interview with Barbara Walters and Patrick Swayze when he said something to the effect of, “If you had a miracle cure for Cancer you would be rich and everyone would know you so just shut up.” We tried several products and ordered everything we thought could make a difference or be a cure. I’m going to share with you two things that you can buy on your own that we didn’t get a chance to try because we found out about them too late. I don’t know it they work, but its worth a try as anything is when you or someone you love is dying.

You can search YouTube and find videos on the banking soda Cancer treatment and you can search the Internet to find articles that specifically discuss the use of asparagus to treat Cancer. There is so much more I could say about different treatments and drugs but instead of going on and on about this subject I will instead give you a few helpful hints.

Helpful Hint #1: If you are strong enough to do it, aerobic exercise helps Chemotherapy patients by ridding the toxins in their system from Chemotherapy through sweat. I read an article once about a lady with Cancer that felt too sick to do aerobics when her coworkers kept inviting her to class because they didn’t know she had Cancer. She started the classes eventually and felt sick at first and then started feeling better. She sweated the toxins out and one year later was teaching the class Cancer Free.

Helpful Hint #2: When a Cancer patient’s veins are to the point where it is extremely difficult to draw blood or administer IV medication a Central Line which is a port for IV and medication inserted into the jugular vein by ultrasound can be good. I witnessed the pain of my mother as she was poked multiple times with attempts to draw blood and insert IV’s. Save yourself this pain with a Central Line.

Helpful Hint #3: Keep a positive attitude and laugh as often as possible. The Bible says that laughter doeth the heart good like a medicine. Sometimes simple laughter will do more for a Cancer patient than any drug. Laughter heals and it makes a person’s time on this earth more enjoyable. Talk about funny memories from the past with family and friends and laugh, laugh, laugh! You deserve it! Mental support is important. Encourage, speak positive things, and most of all be there for the person that you know that has Cancer. Cancer and all the things a person goes through with it are scary. I coached my mom and encouraged her and told her she could make it when she didn’t think she could. Encouragement in love can add time to a Cancer patient’s life. Ask lots of questions and gain as much knowledge as possible. If a drug or treatment you or a Cancer patient you know is on doesn’t seem right; talk to the doctor about it because there is always an alternative.

Entry # 4: Disappointment:

Normally in life there are disappointments. When you already have a disappointing disease, disappointment can be magnified. What do you do when the Chemo doesn’t work? How do you react when the miracle cure you found out about doesn’t cure? How do you deal with setbacks that surface along the way? What you do is keep going, keep trying, and don’t give up. It is important to express disappointment and acknowledge it as long as it doesn’t take you captive. Just having the disease is disappointing, not to mention all of the obstacles encountered while dealing with the disease. Disappointment is not only experienced by the Cancer victim but by the family and friends that love that person so much.

I was working on my MBA when my mother was diagnosed with Cancer. Since she was already in Stage 4 of Cancer when she was diagnosed we found out shortly after the diagnosis that the Cancer had spread to her lungs and other areas of her body. I can remember the day I found out about that. I started crying at work and couldn’t stop and had to leave the office. I know what it feels like to try and hold tears in and there is nothing you can do to keep them held in your eyes. I know what it is to cry until your stomach jerks in and out and snot comes out of your nose and you feel like throwing up. My mother was my best friend and because of that I am well acquainted with disappointment.

I always wondered how the people with these miracle stories that publish these books about overcoming Cancer did it. Their methods worked for them with no doubt but my mother was in such a bad state she couldn’t even do most of the things these books said to do and that was so disappointing. I wished I could speak with these people personally just to ask them…HOW? How did you do it?

One of the greatest challenges faced was that my mother was a Minister and Pastor and she had a lot of people praying for her as she even believed for her own healing. Father Yah (God) is a healer but He doesn’t always heal and there is always a question of why for those that are not healed. Dottie Olsteen the wife of the late Pastor John Olsteen of Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas now pastured by Joel Olsteen at one time had terminal Liver Cancer. Dottie gathered together the healing scriptures from the Bible and began to speak them over herself three times a day like a medicine prescription and was totally and completely healed.

Why her and not my mother? I don’t know. Maybe Yah (the name for almighty God the Creator in Hebrew) was ready for my mom to come home with Him. All I can tell you is that disappoint can and will come in many forms. The best cure for disappointment is to overcome with an attitude of thankfulness, accepting that you don’t know the reason for all things but you do know that there is a reason and a purpose for all things. Stay positive while keeping your mind and spirit open to whatever might happen. Disappointment comes when something other than what you expect or anticipate happens. With Cancer you have to be prepared for the success or failure of anything and everything. Be encouraged; you are stronger than disappointment. Don’t let it catch you off guard but be prepared for it. Know that for every disappointment there is a triumph on the other side.

Entry # 5: Diet:

Anyone with Cancer should reconstruct their diet to contain the foods that fight against and can even cure Cancer. Eat and drink substances that are non-acidic, alkaline, and highly concentrated with antioxidants. Research to find Cancer healing foods.

One of the most important things to do is to drink a lot of water. Water is the source of life and the human body is mostly composed of water. There is an author that wrote a book called, “You Aren’t Sick You’re Just Thirsty” talking about the importance of water and its affects on the body.

Diet is a rough subject with Pancreatic Cancer because you can know all the right things to eat and not be able to consume them. The affects of the disease on the digestive system makes it very hard to eat and drink. The patient may lose their appetite and even if they do have an appetite, once they eat it can make them feel sick. Pancreatic Cancer sabotages the digestive system.

One thing that helped us was some information we found on dill pickles that assists in the digestion of food. In many instances when someone with Pancreatic Cancer or other digestive problems eats a dill pickle with each meal it helps to counteract the digestive problems so they can eat in comfort and keep the food down for nutrition to the body.

There are also drugs available to enhance the appetite, but if dill pickles can also be eaten with every meal that should help greatly as well. Since Pancreatic Cancer patients have difficulties in eating and tend to lose a lot of weight, dietary supplements such as protein shakes are suggested which are ingested easier with the use of a straw. Peanut butter can be added to the shakes to increase the calorie content and nutritional value of the shake. Another suggestion is to eat very small meals all throughout the day. The Cancer patient may not feel like eating but in order to live they must FORCE themselves to eat. Lack of food and liquid can kill quicker.

Vitamin D fights Cancer and freshly juiced vegetable juices containing the juice from green leafy vegetables can be extremely helpful especially when drank right after juicing when vitamin content and living substance is at a high level. The external diet is also important which consists of Epson salt baths that help to heal and release toxins from the body.

We all know the saying, “You are what you eat.” Eat what is alive and it will help you stay alive. The first 3 letters of the word diet is the word die. Don’t let what you are eating kill you. Since Cancer patients many times have to give up foods they love in order to live, it is great if the family can conform to their diet in support of their dietary efforts. Some foods make Cancer grow like simple sugars. Cut the sugar out of your diet and use a natural alternative like Stevia to sweeten foods. Stevia is a naturally sweet leaf that is available in powder and liquid form to sweeten foods and use in recipes. I am a big Bible reader so I love that Stevia is a leaf because the Bible says that the leaves shall be used for the healing of the nations. Other well-known artificial sweeteners can actually be poisonous to the body so be careful with them and avoid them if possible.

Entry #6: Death:

Even when you know someone is going to die, nothing really prepares you for the affects, effects, and real life reactions to that death. Everyone’s experience is different, and I will share my personal experience with you hoping it will help you in some way. I can remember my mom looking at me one night and saying to me, “I’m dying!” I didn’t know what to say back because even though I knew she had Cancer and death seemed inevitable, I refused to accept the fact the she was actually going to die.

We took her to the hospital on a Thursday and the very next day they wanted to send her to hospice. Hospice is a great and awful place all at the same time. Great due to the care and support and painless exit for the patient from this world they provide. Awful because you know that it is the last place you will be with the one you love. Hospice facilities are very comfortable and they give you a chance to say goodbye even if you don’t want to. No one does. Please know that you aren’t the only one going through this; neither are you the only one that has ever gone through this.

Counselors are provided, as well as, chaplains for spiritual support and prayer. You will receive a booklet explaining the death process which helps you know when death is near. During this process, give the Cancer patient a lot of love, comfort and support, and make sure you yourself get ample food and rest. Speak to your loved one while they are responsive and even after they are in a drug induced comma because they can still hear you. Be sure not to be selfish and release them to pass on so they won’t linger on in suffering. That is all I will say about the hospice experience as you will learn more as you are actually in it. This is the time to meet with the funeral home and make preparations for the funeral and burial. You won’t want to do this, but it is necessary and will help smooth out the process. Overall, hospice is a place to say your final goodbyes.

Entry # 7: Debt:

My dad only had enough life insurance to cover my mom’s funeral, and this is not recommended. The moment a Cancer diagnosis is in place get as much checkup free insurance as you can get. For some reason the bill collectors don’t understand the word death, and you can be stuck with bills that increase your sorrow after your loved one is gone. You will need a living will for your patient to be able to make medical decisions for them and you also need a power of attorney to deal with their accounts way before a death experience is upon you. You may have to handle business matters that they can’t deal with while they are still alive and after they have passed on.Also make sure a will is in place so you don’t have to deal with probate. Some accounts are easily closed after death simply by submitting a copy of the death certificate to the creditor and it is important to see if insurance is in place to pay off accounts upon death such as mortgages.

I have shared my heart, soul, and intimate personal experience with you in this article to the best of my ability. It should not take a crisis such as Cancer for us to become mortgage and debt free but if something such as Cancer arises I know that being mortgage and debt free can be one less worry. Work to reduce or delete your debts as much as possible. My dad would have more freedom and options today had his house been paid off when my mother passed. In addition to medical bills there were some prescriptions that cost $800 for a 10-day supply after our prescription benefits ran out. Death and sickness know nothing of the extra financial burdens that can increase and extend sorrow.

You will feel the pain of your loss for awhile and it will be absolutely unbelievable for a very long time, but you will get through it. Remember the good times, look at pictures of life, and hear the voice of your loved one live on in your mind and spirit forever. I wish you abundant peace. If you would like to find out how to get a copy of the book I’ve written in hopes of helping people deal with the loss of a loved one, please call or email me.

I have shared my heart, soul and intimate personal experience with you in this article and I want to share something else that can benefit you greatly which is a way to pay off your mortgage in one third to one half the time allowing you to own your home outright and become debt free.

It should not take a crisis such as Cancer for us to become mortgage and debt free but if something such as Cancer arises I know that being mortgage and debt free can be one less worry. My dad would have more freedom and options today had his house been paid off when my mother passed. There are still medical bills to deal with and even some prescriptions that cost $800 for a 10 days supply after our prescription benefits ran out.

Please fell free to contact me anytime for any information or support I can offer you in what you are going through. I wish you all the best and I encourage you to be stronger than you’ve ever been. You will feel the pain of your loss for awhile and it will be absolutely unbelievable for a very long time but you will get through it. Remember the good times, look at pictures of life and hear the voice of your loved one live on in your mind and spirit forever. Peace.